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Full Version: New track and video.....
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Ez peeps,

New track from me and video..... Zero budget thing but it's quite cool. Free to download.....

Massive props to Subvert on the master. Cool
Mate, that's shit hot! Fucked up video/storyline, fucked up tune - that switch to the middle section is berserk, but it works really, really well.... Would love to have a go at something like that myself, but wouldn't know where to start with video editing etc. Don't even have a camera Hahaha Footage looks really high quality, what kind of camera/software was used for it, out of interest?
Ah thanks for the kind words!

Video wise we really don't have a fucking clue! The camera was borrowed from work, not even sure of the model and the editing was done in i-movie which is just the bog standard free thing you get with Apple computers. We just tried to have fun with it. For instance in the vid the picture is square and try as we might we couldn't make it the right size to fir the frame.

Hopefully we'll do an other one at some point and get things like that sorted. Thanks for peeping. Smile