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Full Version: Impact- Travellin
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I borrowed some HD600's as a test and ended up mixing and mastering this tune with them Grin
I got home and listened on monitors at a decent volume tonight and the mix was WAY off!!! GRrrrrrrrr :X
that'll teach me to mix without double checking on the Yams!

It's a bit better now I've adjusted it and seems to do its thing quite nicely Smile
No one feelin it?
will listen later Xyxthumbs
Not really the vibe I'm feeling but it's certainly well produced... suprised no-one has hit you with more love as there are plenty who are into the more 'minimal' style here.
I'm a breaks man to be honest Grin
Yeah mate, sounds sweet... really punchy and balanced, although as Rondema said, i kind of go for the more breaky, rougher side of things tbh (hence my ranting about your other tracks last week)

The 'minimal' stuff that tends to grab me is usually only minimal drum-wise, and overcompensates with the far-too-emotive melodic stuff instead Oops

But yeah, the track sounds sickeningly good production wise - just a personal preference thing for the style i guess Xyxthumbs
Thank you! In talks with a label right now for this track!! Hovver - I'm in the middle of redoing FLOW too Smile soon come!
i'm echoing the comments already posted, not really my cup of tea style wise but sick production, very crisp mixdown. can i borrow those HD600s?!!!

got to say, its nice to hear dubstep without teh dreaded wobble Smile
now forthcoming on MonkeyDub recordings... release soon! Cool