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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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noisemonkey Wrote:[Image: 487715_10151005082527490_1390279309_n.jpg]

Has this something to do with this and this?

no but check again Smile
[Image: tumblr_m11fw6xou81qzg45so1_1280.jpg]
sticking with the goose theme...

[Image: tumblr_lyitcpv9fF1qzg45so1_1280.jpg]
Ben Kei Wrote:sticking with the goose theme...

[Image: tumblr_lyitcpv9fF1qzg45so1_1280.jpg]

Nothing in that picture makes any sense.

Awesome Grin
hahaha especially the snarl with goose-teeth.
Montreal specific but damn funny...



Our Metro map getting Mario 3'd...
[Image: 528023_414962398554644_1531006426_n.jpg]
the one with the sumo wrestler especially

Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha
This one really tickled me. Its the bit at the end!

[Image: Mario.gif]
[Image: 13414836554935.gif]
A Higgs Boson particle walks in to a church and the priest says "Sorry, we don't allow Higgs Boson particles in here"

The Higgs Boson particle says "Really? but without me, how can you have mass?"
My dog does exactly that Reborn.

I cant believe I have to give him up Icon_sad
^ You gotta put him down? Shit shit shit news mate.. Icon_sad
No, thank god.
But in the process of splitting from the girlfriend of 7 years, and cant take him with me to my new place.
Hopefully have found a some pensioners who want him, and I can still visit. Banking on it in fact.
I am a soppy bastard with dogs though, its breaking my heart

[Image: tumblr_m17w79yPQX1qzcl3to1_500.png]
LOL wtf Lol
[Image: 529165_10150974165494003_665886274_n.jpg]