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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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MetaLX Wrote:Rofl

You have a similar linguistically minded sense of humour to me !

cycom Wrote:[Image: 82233265.jpg]


Kraftwerk go acoustic


ELECTRONIC music pioneers Kraftwerk have become an acoustic act after deciding technology is annoying.

They’re going unplugged

Kraftwerk’s forthcoming UK dates will be performed in their new anti-computers guise as Ye Craft Workers, dressed as Luddites and singing songs about weaving and harvests.

The band claims that the internet has made them hate anything electronic and shiny.

Band member Fritz Hilpert said: “I was online trying to buy a ticket for a Gary Numan gig, and the frigging website kept timing out.

“I must have re-entered my credit card details a dozen times. So much for harmonious fusion of man and machine – I nearly threw the fucker out of the window.

“And what’s Twitter all about? Load of shit if you ask me.

“We got it wrong. Scythes are the future.”

He added: “We used to think technology was going to create an awesome new era where everyone was cyborgs in cycling gear, whizzing around shiny autobahns on robo-bikes.

“Actually it’s just given us gambling addiction, pictures of cats with fruit on their heads and utter dickheads blowing smoke up each others’ arses.”
Paradigm X Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:Rofl

You have a similar linguistically minded sense of humour to me !

Aye! A witty turn of phrase or wordplay always gives me the sillies.
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^ Hahaha
What the . . .
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That R2D2 one is brilliant Grin
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Hah! My brother and i used to shuttle down the stairs like that when we were little ones... my parents called it "speedballing". They must not have known the drug association of that term. Unless they did? Oh dear.
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