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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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I now need to name something "More Tubular By The Day"



Quote:Song Title: One Asshole Mind

Verse 1:
Goddam cheesecake in my jeans!
Something to believe, something to believe
Throw it away
Why don't you cut your hair?

It's less than what I felt
Let's make it out, baby
Like a chick
Special people got songs to sing

etc etc

Edit again:

Quote:Your Arnold Schwarzenegger , Beck Lyrics, Edgar Allan Poe Words & Phrases, Samuel L. Jackson placeholder text:

One of us is in deep trouble. and i play with the fire in the stove believe that woman has gone mad don’t let the sun catch you cryin’death is comin’ to get you, it’s mighty plain to see follow your brainstorm!! hijacking your equilibrium i don’t even try i get this shit lit like a menorah like a tiger with no skin my only friend the genius too the parasites that clean up for me? your whole crew is whack. non-plussed pluto. Hyellen. ‘til the dirt gets wet a sight of perfect silence all my days i got the grizzly worms and i never, never want it and i’m tryin’ not to look at satan making love to a dishrag and if you get to the point and she got old fast and never did what she wanted and you sister, debra as i took a little nap, the cops picked up us both blow back derelict wind, lay my soul in the foul of the air can’t stand on crooked legs clean my gravestone when i’m gone come on motherfucker deluxe cockroach don’t wanna let the night get ahead of myself i took a leap into the fog i’m walkin’ along with my boots full of rocks in your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat just tell me if i might as well be halfway to hell no no no no… nothing’s gonna lead me astray of vacant locations she dangles carrots sleepin’ on a hollow log so one night she stopped givin’ out change takes the place of the drooling fool when tears come down like fallin’ rain.

You have to read it like your Kool Keith
Ian Patterson Wrote:You have to read it like your Kool Keith

Hahaha Xyxthumbs
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From Mark June Miller's Twitter feed:

Get your beverage of choice, get comfy and have a read of this:

Ouchy in places, but great Grin
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Best pointless website I've seen in ages!

Move your mouse about and then stop..
Ben Kei Wrote:Best pointless website I've seen in ages!

Move your mouse about and then stop..

that is brillant Xyxthumbs

A vial of George Osborne's tears from Margaret Thatcher's funeral Hahaha

Read some of the questions and answers..
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Ben Kei Wrote:Best pointless website I've seen in ages!

Move your mouse about and then stop..

Jimmy-J apparently has uploaded a collection of old info-line messages to his soundcloud...

Mars Rover accidently draws penis in sand:

And Star Wars ep IV in 60 secs:

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Friday driving in Ireland ...