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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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Paradigm X Wrote:[Image: tumblr_mljytfA2TK1s3a2v4o1_400.gif]

had me in stitches man.
Hahaha Beautiful song but ... no pun intended (actually I did)

"this song reminds me of being face down in my own p*ke in front of the high school after a game, my boyfriend is behind me, and all i could think was 'hope my ass looks good' well apparently it did and every time i see that spot when i pick my kids up at the same school 20 years later certainly makes me reminisce. thinking of you honeybun"

Paradigm X Wrote:[Image: tumblr_mljytfA2TK1s3a2v4o1_400.gif]

Tumblr's a weird place this morning

[Image: tumblr_mobgnk2cZ21rw25u4o1_500.png]

and.. this...

[Image: tumblr_mnxmjbmAZQ1rpxeteo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mnxmjbmAZQ1rpxeteo2_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mnxmjbmAZQ1rpxeteo9_1280.jpg]

There's more... someone took their veganism and warhammer obsessions a little too far[URL=""][/URL]
[Image: h383F9AB3]

[Image: tumblr_mnwyw2l0UF1qadt6to1_400.gif]
[Image: tumblr_levucdJnGL1qzvjn8o1_500.jpg]
[Image: 12-videobombs_are_the_new_photobombs.gif]

[Image: tumblr_m7gkqfqTch1qdlh1io1_400.gif]
girth_maul Wrote:

Comments on this video:

Gabriele Pellegrini: I can finally pee withouth unzipping my pants!
Bvenged: How do you take NeverWet off? Do you have to apply AlwaysWet to it or something?
PeeeJayz: If i cover myself in it, and try to walk across water. Will the water part or will I walk on it?
Atratvs: "NeverWet" sounds like someone's girlsfriend's name...
[Image: image.png]
[Image: 946520_10151646477369280_763687032_n.jpg]
[Image: h1776C04E]
[Image: tumblr_mo8spmJM9g1qak053o1_400.gif]
[Image: lost-parrot-banded-reward-bbq-photo.jpg]
[Image: balloon_internet.png]
Ian Patterson Wrote:[Image: 946520_10151646477369280_763687032_n.jpg]

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[Image: ConanKookaid_20130612110154.gif]