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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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watching that whole thing made me want to lion down

[Image: V1iYrHl.gif]
He looks cub-pletely tuckered out.
[Image: h0AC1DB56]
[Image: hFC827752]
Getting about 50% right on that haha.
Statto Wrote:

I'm so crap at these Grin
16 out of 20. I'm kvlt, I don't even know what that means Lol

It's over humans, the robots have won.
J-Breaks Wrote:[video=vimeo;93923609][/video]

It's over humans, the robots have won.

Sounds like most of this forum :P
[Image: tumblr_n5f7j4ZSUJ1s71q1zo1_500.png]
I think Nancy drew that . . .
MetaLX Wrote:I think Nancy drew that . . .

[Image: 507e2a534848e.preview-300.jpg]
[Image: reverse-1317143586_paper_airplane_between_two_fans.gif]
[Image: neodymium_magnet_in_copper_pipe-14749.gif]
I think this could be the best thing since Birds With Arms (and that's not something I say lightly...)
A SQL Query walks up to two tables in a restaurant and asks, "Mind if I join you?"
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