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Full Version: It's Friday (most days)!!!!!
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Haha, good for practising corner kicks, isn't it? Hahaha
Pretty stout defence...
Good one, Dinsdale Hahaha

Now that one is a bit WTF. I found the pic searching for funny Birthday-Pix for Euphony's thread. I hope it's photoshopped. On the other hand, people are stupid, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's real.

[Image: kB43shjRT1W3ct8nt7EX_Adjustable%20Vacuum.gif]

[Image: tumblr_o0o2v6Irke1t2b9f5o1_500.jpg]

Happy new year 'verts! Not had a chance to pop in and Wave for a while now. hope youre all well.
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: kirk_by_pupuliima-d8v337q.gif]
That's nuts!
[Image: 12065889_10153276839400847_5059478262838...e=5743EF40]
Ice T has cute bulldogs. Smile

It's almost Friday.

[Image: tumblr_o0mma38H1c1sehsrio1_500.gif]
Swedish man creates giant snow penis to say sorry for destroying smaller snow penis

"I think people around the world are thinking, and they will do much bigger penises than this one. This is only the start."