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Full Version: Dextrous & H Pee - Time to Move (Ben Kei VIP)
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I did a remix, more a reworking of Time to Move by Dextrous and H Pee, part of the 3 kings of the jungle set on Suburban Base from 1994.
I left the structure pretty much as it was originally and just reworked the drums and extended it in a few sections.

It was meant to just be something to play at the Technicality vs Timestretch night but had a few people wanting to hear it again or requesting it and Dextrous said it was fine to upload so here it is.

Enjoy, or not.. but leave me comments!

dope! really nice update...the elements well measured. its maniacal and chill Grin gwarn
Good job Ben sounds original 94 rinse out!!
Nice one chaps!

I love the original, it's got so many different elements to it that it's like a mini mix itself.

It came about because B always sings the bit about 2 minutes in and we never knew what the words were, so I asked Dextrous and he pointed me to the tune it's from.
I figured I'd give it a go because I never finish anything anymore and pretty much did this in an evening, except a few bits of cleaning up later on.

And yeah, I did keep it pretty close to the original, just switched up the drums a bit really.
I pretty much rebuilt the track from scratch and then went about changing it from there.
I fooking love it. Never heard a tune of yours either Ben, so a remix will have to do. Wink
Love this!

Late to the party - and I stumbled across this only recently - looks as if the Ben Kei remix made it to vinyl :Badger