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...played my Nova chord organ for 5 minutes then used Paulstretch to create a new 30 minute version.
...realised non stick wok better for frying eggs.
In an hour.

...went to buy wine at shops for my dad's bday. Also bought noodles and green pepper, a higher source of vitamin c by 3 times of an orange.
...went to see the bluebells at Rufford

they were very blue Bluesmiley
...finished a tedious, fiddly, time-consuming job

...have a bit of a cold

[Image: kranke_013.gif]
a bit of a cold what? Teef
...have more of a cold

[Image: sick.gif]
...had about 20th conversation in last 5 months, why I prefer coffee from machine on first floor, instead of the one on fourth floor (right next to my room). The big art of small talk... Roll
Weigh under 18 stone, meaning I've broken that barrier for the second time in 4 years.
Learning Catalan.
What's Catalan? Smile
...have woken up feeling kind of positive

but it probably won't last

Want a friend request you big softie?
Wave up at 5:00am and finished all my work by 7:45am

what shall I do with the rest of the day?

Play my 5 hour What Converges As Compilation drone on our Soundcloud Grin

...lost 2 stone in 3 months!! 17 stone here I come!!
I'm rained in today, first time I've had a day of not much in ages.. So figured I'd check in here.

Today I..

Signed a contract to do a new market starting this weekend. I already sell my sauces at a few posh food markets via other people but this'll be the first one with a dedicated Dalston Chillies stall. They offered me a month for free to see if it worked out well for me, so would be stupid not to really.

I also had to turn down something that could have been interesting. I got an invite from the office of Diane Abbot MP (my local MP) to take part in a craft beer and local food thing at Parliament next month. It turned out that I couldn't sell there though, just offer tastings to people.
It's a pity, because I was really looking forward to telling any one of many Tory MPs that my Original Hot wasn't hot at all, just to see the look on their face as they sampled it.

Yep, my life is all about chilli sauce these days.. sorry I don't swing by often enough!
(31st May 2016, 14:19)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]Wave

Wave Wave
that smiley always cheers me up Smile
...did gardening and cleaning and record sorting

and now I'm tired Redeyes
oh, and sowing, I did some sowing as well

...submitted my Little Red collab to Shout box Radio. Yesterday was the 4 clip comp for podcast licensing channel 4chs.
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