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...don't feel like doing anything much at all Neutral
...made a mix as fl for khal
Hugs kingstat.
I have a free day yay - at a second look, not that much of a yay day, gotta do taxes, taking care of bills etc....
Submitted a demo list to Pandora Radio. They are not broadcasting outside the US due to licensing issues, however.
Last Friday I drove 169 km on bike, from one side of Estonia to another. Cool
Good for ya.
I just sent out a 90s comp invite to all my friends. going to the seaside

Today I improved discogs by editing/adding youtube links to several tracks and songs Smile
Tipping back into clinically obese, sadly. I look the same, pretty much - overweight, powerful - but it's the organd I worry about. I am taking Raspberry Ketone supplement from Witney, UK's Holland & Barrett. The initial reaction my weight has taken is to increase within a week from under 18 stone average - 17.12pounds - to 18.5pounds - half a stone gain. I have actually been eating healthier amounts of food too.

This can make any person quizzical, can't it? Is extra weight less weight when measured by Salter pro scales? I don't think so, really no. Does Ketone supplement have weight gain fusion with antipsychotics and antidepressant medications? Up in the air, but this suggests it. I would be interested to see a study into this dilemma.

I am now taking 3 tablets of Ketone after a meal, from this morning. I have 90 tablets in my £5 bottle. I got it half price offer. That means 3x3x7 = 63...more than enough remaining tablets I have left for daily meal use.

I'll see how it goes. Can't hurt. If I was scale-breaking Rob Ford weight (23st) I'd be worried. But I'm not. I'm usually under 18st or there abouts. I of course worry about Diabetes, especially Type 2. Must drink less wine and beer. Stick to the fave love - flavoured water. That always makes me feel happy. Morrisons own or Volvic. not intending to do any work at all. I finished another massive edit yesterday and, although there are three more jobs already waiting, I'm not starting on them today. So there Icon_razz
...spent the day at King's Mill Hospital with kidney stone trouble

I imagine they asked if you were properly hydrating.
and whether I'd opened my bowel that morning

...ate a tomato sardine sandwich
Woke at 5am, and pondered the tactical investment.
Thought about emigrating.
Questioned if opposites really do attract or if the law of attraction is just a quixotic myth.
I took Momsie out to a Xmas market. It was fun. I like hanging out with my mom, she is dope. She has been making me laugh since I was a kid. She's literally one of my closest friends.

She bought me a VHS copy of "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" movie for Xmas when I was a kid. No joke.. she even went into the record shop back then with Godflesh posters on the walls and stuff and bought it herself. Cool huh? She put up with my crap, I put her through a lot in my day. lemme tell ya. I was an asshole kid. Mothers have that intuition, maybe their kids would sort themselves out eventually. Luckily, I did. Thanks Mom. LighterLighterLighter

I'm listening to Modest Mouse as I post. Random.

this lp dropped 20 years ago now. Its a Pacific NW thing. Memories. Memories.

...heard a lightbulb joke:

Q. How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Fish
Today, or rather on Saturday, I went to the gym again for the first time after like a pause of 10 years. Damn, every muscle was so acheing afterwards .....
...sat at my desk editing a chess book. As I did for the past endless days. And look like doing for endless days to come.

made a few tracks
edited a few bandcamp things
went shopping
watched mongrels on dvd
watched antique and tile work programs on bbc1
ate a ham and mushroom tagalltelle, as good as carbonara

now i'm loading up ableton to make an ambient mix. Smile
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