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...was standing here...

Where's that taken? Looks cool.
famous relative's house in London Docklands Smile
It's just my current outlook on things I take in - "I don't want to know / feel shit / I want to focus elsewhere". Avoidance. Don't need half this negative shite that fills my mind.
My parents cat is laying stretched out over my lap...cute. Smile
I started watering garden, then it STARTED RAINING HERE...RESULT! Weathergirl loves woolly. Lovesmilie
I couldn't wait weighing in until 13 days time, so I stepped on the scales at 12pm.
4-5 pounds just through food diary. Too analytically drained to calorie count properly. still eating foods I love.
Now if I can combine that with some EXERCISE I'll be one happy Squatch.
...had too many pints

...woke up feeling positive
strange how quickly social media can change that
logging off before it disappears completely Neutral
social media is a constant power buster - electronics displace power, which is where short circuits come from, literally and figuratively.
we might not think we are control freaks, but this is about basic control - meaning we do not have to be. the being is hippocampus memories.

not having to be means power is diminished and we feel totally unproductive. which is where the term 'dead end job' rears its frequent head.

the only reason I fight back about this on social media is because the results of writing out orderly production = very productive feelings result.
try and switch up your leisure and work time jonathan, because otherwise you'll start to feel really in a slump, and i'm the exact same here.

...weigh 18 st on the dot this morning, naked, on my scales.
No pork pies is working. Exercise is working.
Am waking up to the Deep space series
Feel like a brisk 30 minute walk
Potted my luteus chilli pepper plant with my dear mum. First proper fruit from it after 3 weeks finding the right temperature and conditions after over watering it in no real sun.
We put it in the greenhouse. My mum gave me a new pot for it and potted it up with potash tomato feed. 

It smells like neat ttobacco, amazing earthy fragrance.
Can't wait to harvest it when the chillies turn yellow.
had a lot of clarity of life earlier and stupidity and lack of logic
now i'm much more mellow
laugh at life, it doesn't make sense at the best of times, it's all in your imagination
roll on death let's av a long rest! Teef
£2 at ASDA for 4 minis, bargain!
oh and I've been making a ton of images in my head and then sharing them on facebook in my feed
i'm not pissed off enough to box tonight, but I am watching boxnation right now
...clicked a link 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

wikipedia Wrote:These artists have the most albums in the 2016 edition.

9 albums: David Bowie.
7 albums: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young.
6 albums: Morrissey (and The Smiths)

I got as far as the start of line 3 and thought... fuck that shit Roll

Weight: 115.9kg
2mo ago: 118.2kg
Bbiggest milestone: 18st.

At dietican which has been good for my development into a healthy 30something. I will be 30 in half a year. Boh. Here's to getting old. 


Maple glazed pork belly bites x3, plate of veg, boiled potatoes, Latin America chilli sauce and gravy. 
Fish sticks shared with mum, Peppa Pig fromage frais x1, shared bag of Diet Chef popcorn. Coffee throughout day. An apple with 4 slices buttered toast for breakfast.

Big up mum and dad for the walks drives and meals.
Lemon sole and salmon, peas and mint, baby tatas. Breakfast bap and 3 pts orange juice from The Beehive pub. Asian noodle salad egg and cress sandwich Flavoured apple water Doreen malt loaf 2 slices buttered and a glass of beer.
...feel generally meh about life Neutral
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