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What about the Snaxxor variation?
Today, I 
...had a lucid dictatorial dream of my chief kickboxing instructor from 2001 teaching me a high jump kick and systemic void manoeuvre, where I laid dormant to recapitulate dark energy and allowed members of the old gym to re-greet me and sign my blue Blitz bag glove.
...caught the Dark/Water type Ultra Beast Tapu Fini, after catching Dark/Bug type Tapu Bulu on Boxing Day last week and defending my Pokemom League Champions title against Hau. Im waiting for Lillie to return from Johto. This is on the Moon Beta version of the cartridge. I originally caught Tapu Koko the Dark/Electric Ultra Beast Tapu after becoming champ.
Bought 20 Poke Balls on Go for 79p. Then a Mr. Mime that knew Psychic showed up 2 hours later.
Had a peaceful conversation with my dad about prize fighting and the shit business comedic nature of combat sports either being full of people who are really nice when you get to know them, or simply shallow insipid shits.
Had an unhappily terrifying nightmare at 430am about things that happened 15 years ago at least and "not people", ie destructive alien isotopes that don't exist.
Celebrated a close friends bday.
Ate jalfrezi.
Ate granary bacon n cranberry baguette w salad.
Ate fried eggs bacon tomatoes and toast w trifle.
Selected large leg seats for a plane journey in april.
Done squats and torso conditioning exercises.
Imagined smashing up gym bags with hands and legs.
A lot.
Drank 1 pint alcohol.
Listened to someone rowing outside at 530am.
Read books and Boxing News.
Revthe some friends on my favorite label Low Point. Bologna - Cdr No.3 from 2006 first. New to I.
Revisited the Omni Music cat.
Got up and went back to bed for 738am.
During this time, watching boxing doesn't help subdue.
Listened to "Parhelion" by Hakobune at the pub.
shaved my beard off

drove a car for the first time in over 20 years

Weighed in at 17'4 minimum, 17'7 maximum, 110-112kg.
Started watching the Olympics; my first subject is Figure Skating, simply because it's not too taxing to watch.
Finished the evolution chain - but not the love and growth - of my prize keeper of Alola mountains-caught at level 38 Pokemon, Jangmo-o, into Hakamo-o, and then the Totem breed, Kommo-o at the earliest available level (45), a Dragon/Fighting dual-type species that specialises in uppercuts, and learned the move Clanging Scales right away.
Read the Fish Tamarind Curry by Atul Kocchar in Atul's Curries Of The World pbk.
Solidified that i can use abbreviations in writing, but not in speech, cos my systemic linguism is as such that i cannot roll words, and i get confused immediately by those apostrophes that obscure the meaning of the original term in traditional philology.
Not in the last day, but to echo Statto, I've been in a slump. So i started a new series on Netflix, aptly titled "The End of the Fucking World" Hahaha
This morning, at just after 8am, I hopped on the bus to Oxford for the first time since November, and had a jolly good time at the Gloucester Green Market, open Wednesdays Thursdays and Saturdays always in the Green spot but different each time, from 9am. I plugged in my headphones and played a gig while I was sated by the sensations of the world...

This time, I got myself a "Keep calm and f*** off" gold tin box for my Pokémon cards. I was going to buy a old man's flat checked cap, but my parents would despise me for it. Lol

I stayed for the food stalls, specifically the Kasewurst (cheese sausage in a jumbo roll with saueurkraut and fried onions) German food stall; the Chinese food stalls - £1 a pop for 5 dumplings spring onions and a fried Tempura battered prawn; and the Greek stall, where for £6 the amiable fella there made me a supersized Taco Tortilla Roll with Grilled Chicken Veggies and Hot Sauce...mouth-watering, all of it. And they had three benches to sit down in that area of tents. There were many more gazebos perched around, people serving Paella, Goulash (Hungarian beef), Polish food, baked goods, cakes, you name it! I had a lovely morning...and it was all washed down with a Valentines glass of "you too" red from the barmaid at the Beehive. I love those people, they bring sunshine to my cold, dark heart scales.

So...who said Oxford was all bad? I did, once upon a time, but only hypothetically. I'm redeveloping my relationship with the place, realising there are so many things I missed out on even when I lived there. I also bought Moby - Porcelain (a memoir); David Bowie - Hero (Lesley-Ann Jones); Penguin Café Orchestra - "Imperfect Sea" at Fopp with a Love2Shop code.
Fopp is interesting...a sublet of HMV, a cosy little shop that are paid to shift stock the same way HMV in Oxford were in 2006 (they don't accept demos, but the odd CD to a member of staff is fine).
Next time I visit OX4, then, it might not be the dreaded more-than-you-can-eat, but a visit to The Old Fire Station Art Shop, and a always casual taking in of the sights left to see on this beautiful part of the Earth. Just think, it is only a tiny section of the world, at a specific point in time, a coming together. For a moment, life is transcended by the goodness of love, of living, of breathing...and most of all, of belonging.
Have tickets to watch Chris Eubank Jnr. Vs George Groves. I hope Eubank wins it, because I used to love his Dad growing up and he's a decent fighter underneath the glam. Groves is good too; this should be a good gig.
Stood upright then fell backwards into my studio desk while listening to thr antigravity of James A. McDermid - Tonal Glints
Started day with Fabio Orsi - Just for a thrill l.p. on Low Point, ate 3 pieces of overnight marinaded cajun chicken for brek.
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