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...did the same as yesterday... not very much

Ate a diet of RedThai Fish in the ernoon. And a not brilliant Bavette 6oz Steak w chimchurri, rocket and tomato salad amd fries. Bomb selek.

Washd down w Adams Ale + 2 pints beer. 

Dinner was celeriac beef tatas and sprouts. 

Om nom nom to the wiggy wiggy wool. 

Ging wrecked is all I can.
Got up this morning to "diamond back" by little red. And thought about the perplexedness of certain truths being better than imaginistic overstimulation. Am I really as sane as wallpaper?

What isn't seen isn't there. Yet visual energy is eternal.

The forum is as quiet as a mouse this last month. Unless I've been banned from it. 

My diaristic approach to the internet draws blanks for lots of people because they might be expecting juicy secrets. Can't think of any tbh. I'm not that important. Just a wallflower.
Hmm...what do i want to do today.
...have been Orbital Spotify streaming for 3 hrs.
...started work at 5.15 am

Played Judas priest- Firepower at 915am.
Twas good fun. I love metal.
Tuna red onion baguette at a nearby bar
Walked to meet family straight after finishing 
Travelled to Witney with em in dee car
Walked past a football match long road to centre
...only to find all the Pokemon singles have sold.
Dat was a break of the mould.
Returned home, bought maxell headphones x3
I go by the rule of cheap is good for heavy use
Went to sleep after fried brunch
Now I'm awake with garden fatball lumping
Oh wot a day da 'art is still pumping!
...looks like we have Indian for dinner. 
What shall dit bee maa suga dumplin?
Oh wait, that's Chinese food. Or sum ting.
...finished an edit while listening to old funk and disco tunes Rainbow

Last night I could not do much productive stuff. It was like I was having what I'd describe as a convulsion. Slurred speech shouted out several times, has happened across years before, so we're ready for it, this kind of shit happens when I have too much going on, too many sources being drank from. That's all gone now though, and I'm back listening to Etherwood - In Stillness LP and knocking all the doubters out.

Watched a few minutes of This Country and was laughing out loud. Unfortunately people like this still exist in the real world where they aren't having a laugh. Picky cretins who have no objective sense of taste, who are like bots in the world at large and contribute nothing creative to the global hemisphere, feeding off of it guessed it, I prefer to snuggle up with sweetie than think about all that crap.

In delightful news my Meowth has evolved into Persian Alolan Form/Glameow, and just now (the last 45 minutes anyway) I played a game of chess with two Pumpkaboos Alolan Marowak, Meowth, Cacnea, and an energy card. First batch of six prize cards wins, I'm playing between myself and my sweet, and it really went down to The Wire....I think I will read some of my magazine next. So much of Pokemon Trading Card Game is hallucinogenic chess (yes thank you the big cherry muffin who seemed to put a rock of LSD in my drink one night when I was not looking).

Earlier than that this morning I had a big 'ol bowl of Vileplume rice, a Pokemon recipe, really basic that I'm making by creating a mushroom looking lid for the creature's head with Sweet and Sour Sauce and pieces of red onion laced around the outside to give it shape. I'm also experimenting with Oddish onion ideas like cutting eyes and a mouth in a red Oddish onion in a curried onion plate Smile

My Dad will turn up some time today, God I love my Dad and Mum. I hope my Grandad has a relaxing day too, although it's hard for gramps to get much out of each day now he's elderly. He still has fun tho Grin And we will protect him until the Androids come and knock on our doors. Then I will make the Family Fortunes "ek-er!" noise to them and twat them over the head with a frying pan.

Ah...the beauty of life.
Ate a diet of RedThai Fish in the ernoon. Recalling a brilliant Bavette 6oz Steak w chimchurri, rocket and tomato salad and fries. Bomb selek.

Washed down w Adams Ale + squash. No beer makes happiness. 

Dinner was celeriac beef tatas and sprouts variant last night. 

Om nom nom to the wiggy wiggy wool. Woo woo hoo ha hearmebob.

Getting wrecked is all I can do if I want to be a ballbag shrew.
released "declining health" ep on an unsuspecting public
...drove to Sheffield and back

...cleaned the house

[Image: ftvsmilie3.gif]
....watched Box Nation and Discovery Channel
Blocked a scammer.
Felt good.
...I'm playing in the Nottingham Chess Congress for the first time since 1996

Going to London with my carers for the day.
Dreaming about Spain.

Planning to have a siesta later and then late dinner.
Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon later too.

I've been listening to a solid support playlist i created for my moods.
Feel good, but am really repressed
Edit: repression is the right word. Keeping soul in. I don't need to do that. I can talk to myself with no problems.
...spent a little while giving dogmatic opinions on DOA

Traded my Emolga at Lv. 56 for Sneasel Lv.48 on Pokemon Moon GTS
The Fresh DOA thread Rofl
Listened to Pepo Galan + Max Wuerden today on Unknown Tone Records. On Bandcamp.
Also made blogpost foundational plans yesterday.
Capability for work questionairre opened worm can.
It's just so long a process that it isn't worth changing.
I do not choose to not work, I remain because of shit.
I did not choose to be stabbed in the back.
Think again DWP STALKERS.


A little person keeps waking me up at 4am.
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