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FL & FR - The Only Answer Is Iridescence 05:06 / 15:00
The first catalog-stroke-stylistic-mash between the Foci Left and Foci Right aliases, after about 100 public releases on the internet that people sometimes send me money for. It's all infinitely appreciated, of course, but seeing as I ain't motivated by financial gain, I am setting this Sparky New Moon practice run free. It's comprised of my awful voice, boring narrations, plinky plonk piano sounds and abysmal attempts to be guitarist Jon Fahey.
(1st June 2018, 16:30)Euphony Wrote: [ -> ]Icon_sad

quite so, or indeed Abuse back online

Wave a new map through the post. My local OS Pathfinder was very old – last updated in 1976 - so I thought I'd get a new one. Turns out OS don't print Pathfinders anymore. Instead, what they do is print on demand, which means you can have a 1:25000 map centred on anywhere. So I now have a new bespoke map centred on my house.

You don't live in a house, Jonathan. You live in a forge.
A forge of lurrrve. Lovesmilie Hahaha
As for what I did today, an awful lot of work because supposed to control gut bacteria as well as mood for the last hour. I have been producing engineering and best of all was the minefield pub subject of trading standards Nanny State-ing everything to do with introducing calorific nutritional and ingredient lists widespread. We're going to be retrograding. People with poor metabolisms will suffer. Only the ignorant will survive.
Back to reality, and I'm looking forward to seeing my family's dogs for a bit tomorrow. The rascals!

I drank 2 gourmet keg San Miguels, the equivalent of a Beehive Pig Mac and chips in liquid form, Mini Cheddars being the taste of oriental salad. I also made and ate 6 prawn mayo and tuna sweetcorn crunch rolls, ate a bowl of Rice Krispies for breakfast, and reviewrd the Beehives Hot Dog Menu on Google reviews.

I had a very refreshing feelgood shower, which makes a change as it can be infuriating navigating my bathtub.

I recorded a 15 minute Open Mic slot. I started using my DVPC to record it all on tape so filters edits and mastering can be applied. I also recorded 3 quality guitar drone tracks.
Ate 3Bean Enchiladas for the first-ever time, reduced to 12pence quick sale at the deli counter supermarket. LOVE Mexican food. Trump should eat stuff like that healthy food. Maybe then he would look like anything but a blown up Eric Cartman.
Listened to
Low light - the memory of trains
Muttley - Zero Hour-Deliverance (unreleased mix)

Recorded a piece called "Zara", a rehearsed piano vocal.
Went to pub, knockee of 2 pints and orange juice.
Am just recording a continuous mixtape this rise. Starts with Lobster Theremin techno. Gonna archive it on MixCloud.
Made a 7 minute prepared piano piece. Switched in and out of preset sounds and morphed them with a transducer drone permeating the background. I can alter any frequency plus and minus 200 per cent on Casio CTK.

Helped an elderly man place his food order as a pub guest, even though he was unnecessarily rude to the bartender. I bought 2 Guinness this time and that helped me sleep soundly for a couple hours. I rarely get more than 6 hours sleep a night these days. But I loaf a lot.
...Record a short sweet and soft suite of QY library music on the Yamaha, I'll possibly make this one available on Band camp. Nice short suite, fuzzy yet cogent styles of loving synth.
Learned how to program synthesis a bit better in it, like frequency analysis and dividing logic between decay rate and overall hertz level of a tone. Hz level really dictates sharpness.

Currently I'm watching black boxer Carrera versus Andre Ward, who I thought had retired. Looks like he's stayed at cruiserweight, not big enough to be heavyweight.

I'm feeling quite happy this afternoon. I went to the local and had lunch, a tuna red onion baguette with salad. I put oriental sauce on that.
I'm also enjoying the weather.
My parents bought me a new chili plant. It's a fajita one. Nice kebab shop chilies, just what the doctor ordered.
The meds also help, otherwise I'm climbing the walls going mad at myself over sweet nothings.

Enjoy Tuesday everyone.
am watching Texas Ranger featuring Chuck Norris, great kickboxing movie.
Did a 15 minutes long kick boxing basics session with myself out the back terrace and I cannot thank you enough for a ecstacy brush. It was like 12 years training. I have been outside doing...

All out punches various heights, 1 minute
Jab front kick alternating legs
Jab teap kick alternating legs 
Jab side kick alternating legs 
Jab movement alternating stances
Jab cross back leg roundhouse kick x5
All over body stretching 5 minutes
cleaned the house

[Image: ftvsmilie3.gif]
In the last half hour I recorded on my Dvpc (digital village personal computer (recorder))

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 18m11sec techno.
A 20 minute suite cut off at level repping my weight.
18st 11lb.

Would you like a link Skirtle? Smile Hugs Kisskiss Lovesmilie
A reward for cleaning the house!
ok, so Wave
Here you go my fellow furry friend:


It is not properly mic'd - yet. But if you have Ableton still, you can whack a decent compressor on it and adjust to taste. Otherwise, crank it up!
:techno tortoise:
You liked it I take it?
But then, why do I at least like everything I do.
Edit: oh dear one of the day upstairs and I cannot thank you enough for a conversation out of my head is shit hits the fan of using chicken and pork with basmati rice for clarity of flavour and I cannot thank you enough for a conversation out of my head is shit hits the fan of using chicken and pork with basmati rice for clarity of flavour and I cannot thank you enough for a conversation out of my head is shit hits the fan of using chicken and pork with basmati rice for clarity of flavour and I cannot

Watching a documentary on feminist Angela Carter.
Ate bbq leftovers for dinner and sat with a friend when parents took the dogs out. Watched Italian history program and felt like I'm getting feverish. Into the morning still working away on headphones on music.

My next sub only album is titled "Life Motifs".
Four Tet - Rounds
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