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Mmm et cetera, bredda. Nah really I've been really fed up since we came back off holiday, it seems the only way to genuinely exert much greatness and purpose is to extemporise the deeds not words of the daily grind. Mountain hikes, unknown terrain visits, learning language case in point.

Granted, life ain't totally like that. Slang outspirits hunger. Defiance pales under the influence of mind-altering medication, physically and mentally. This forms excess and fatigue; a recurring theme is nothing to do with you.

Btw happy birthday Ben Subvert 12th August.

And a retrogradation: I scored 19 opposed to 45 on Beck's Inventory Depression Barometer since prebiotics program, so I must be feeling better. I also scored 48 of 50 cognitive well-ness computer examinations, on 23rd August 2018.
God in heaven...are you pussy ass shits all so scared of having a down to earth deep human conversation online with your fellow brethren?'re all like Boris Johnson instead throwing around your vacuum pong and insensitivity to women who cannot do anything about the thick, domineering, ballbags called so called men whatever your religion.

"I pity the foo!" ~ Mr T. The A Team.

Now properly mastered by Bandcamp engineers and released on the platform under the £15 a year sub model.

John Peel Wrote:As I left the Palais I overheard one twerp braying to his companions. 'What a waste of money,' he cried, and for a moment I wished I were a fighting man.

Just another day at Squatch Lair Studios for Sasquatch Nutcase. Artillery2 is working on my Alesis Mk1 reference monitors to widen the dynamic range and I'm working on uploading a working track order that encodes well into the LP format.

The vernacular languages of my life motif is untypical; always. Going off an idea - being long, sharp and sour. Which attract and bridge short, sweet and soft people.

Musically this has lead to long sessions of material, and "Untypical Etchings", the name of this record. Includes farty brass band and bass synths from studio entrants willing enough to give me another cuddle judicially. Also guest MC slots and modular post-it notes from all over the shop.

The artwork, meanwhile, is a pending VIDA fashion tee piece you will be able to purchase shares in shortly. I just need to measure. A holiday snap, sepia tinted and coated in bristles of digital paintbrushes.

The message reads "Basically I Like You - Deal With It"
. This release really is all about letting rip in the studio, and embracing the physicality of sounds that can amuse (brass bass, wicky wicky Roland Rat MCing) and ensemble work with my invisible soulmate. I cannot thank you enough for a conversational lift.
So maybe I'm a right critical c*nt. Abuse

I admit.

Dinner out. Rammed restaurant, LOUD AS FUCK TUNES - maybe TOO loud for a restaurant imo.. , "vj" girl clicking the mouse at the ending of the tunes from her laptop, crammed in a raised booth the size of a bookshelf. Some videos she was playing came from the "trap nation" channel...

Trap doesn't make good dining music - noted. As much as I may be a fan of specifics, pop r&b  tunes over trap beats isn't any better in a restaurant setting - who wants to geek out to bass tweeks while eating your quinoa salad (..too salty btw) ya know? .  New Jay-Z while dining... NO THANKS.  Christine Aguilera "Dirty" circa 2002 with the Redman cameo was a nice touch.. if only to remind diners who Redman is.  Fluffy tech house with pop vocals...  whatevs.  

Critical, sure. Perhaps I could be even sonically bitter in this dining circumstance.. my dining experience was definitely dulled by the choices of said vj played waaaay too loud. Thumbd

Rammed restaurant? Play some FUNK. Icon_yippee  Play some Sister Nancy or something.   Keep the room bouncing. Just my thoughts.  

...sat at the computer all day
same as yesterday
and the day before
and the day before that
and the day before that
and the day before that
and the day before that
and the day before that...

Went kickboxing. Ate a kebab. Drank a beer.
Put together a fresh seafood and fruit salad, having £2 worth of leftovers.
I'll get over it. Feel totally depressed and schizophrenically grieving.

Ed; feel better now. Even if I'm vegetabalised.
Went to see The League of Gentlemen live at the Buxton Opera House and it was brilliant!
Today, I started my first week as a married man. Never actually thought it would ever happen...  but extremely happy it did!  Most amazing women I have ever met.

Skull Esb
Well done esb. Have righteous fun with whatever you do in your marriage.

Listening to this on drone volume overnight. Quality, lickable beats; delicious. Giving I the old Technicality and IChiOne vibes - just what I need to get I in the mood for a party experience anywhere.

On MixCloud after midnight 22nd Aug 2018 I put together a sleepy ambiance mix; melodic drone; sweet honeystyle vibes.
After 8am to RESPECT the block, i put my music career to the forefront, and recorded a new liveset.

"Posterity Of Truncation"
...started work at 6:00 and have just finished for the day at 21:00
if I keep this up for two more weeks, I might get this job finished on time

Willynilly a load of #MourinhoOut tweets on Twitter

Had my seventh amazing BBQ of 2018. 2 at rarefied food markets in Oxford. One at my sister's place. 4 at my Mum and dad's. This does not count the Spain holiday Paella barbequed at Ayo restaurant twice. But that's a long time ago now.
Went to the pub in Alvescot. Named The Plough, it's a major chain in the UK. Helps 50 plus years of history has elapsed. Four of us. I had Pan Fried Organic Lambs Liver, Vegetables Creamy Mash & Thyme seasoning. Impeccable taste. The food hasn't always been this exquisite, three years ago the brewery was struggling to serve but they've got back to top gourmet standard. And their Eton Mess Sundae is a ray of sunshine on an otherwise rainy English summer's day. I was also impressed by the Goat's cheese tart our elderly friend had, my Dad had a Chickpea and coriander burger and my mother a succulent Pork Belly rack. 

Yesterday afternoon me and my friend crashed at The Golden Eagle for a massive pub party while Liverpool won to Leicester City. Took 60 minutes for a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and Chips to arrive but I can't really complain. The crowd was mahoosive and the atmosphere vibing. Food tasted gourmet. Great texture. And it's always nice to see Purple Rain cocktails being served with the signature cherry sours. back from my holiday Wave
Been very media engaged lately. Lots of boxing watching especially, as well as reading my Olivia book. I'm looking forward to the Golovkin rematch tonight and hope humble guy Gennady kicks his ass. However I've almost completely switched off from tennis internet matches. Been sorting my Pokedex and playing chess with the fomat instead, as well as catching Ultra Beast Guzzlord aka Glutton in Resolution Cave in the Anabel and Looker motel mission. Look for them in Gladion's house to begin with to start catching with Nihilego.

Food wise today, eaten fresh steak on a clay plate straight from the mw with wonky pear shards. 72p can from Aldi, tastes delectable. Also my maltodextrin dosage (waiting for pay).

TV wise I've watched Karl Pilkington of An Idiot Abroad talking about age and life expectancy on a program on Pick last night. He was amusing. Ideas of how a meteorite could hit Earth and some people would be saying "uhhh it's the end of the world" etc, same as the Americans (crazies) who build homes underground in wake of an alien invasion. Get a grip.

I also watched the social experiment of solitary confinement for 6 days in a cell with no natural light, only essentials and sometimes not even. World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall was entertaining surprisingly.

Essentially and tailing off, I see the world as a supercomputer that has just had a corrupt registry. The corruption means the memory needs to be rebooted, just like our brains need to be refreshed with sleep momentarily to humanely function. Natural vs. Psychotic. Natural wins every time.

Talking of computers and tailoring, my first bit of garb arrived today for the month. The "Keyboard Veil" one. Silk comfy polyester. I think 2x is xl size but for unisex/men. It's an essential top - you can see the print modelled by me on my Instagram, and pricing is at Replaces my silver twotone I gave to Mum.

I want to start watching my DVD collection again. I was given some films a Masterchef whisk and CDs to stop me from going on Couples Come Dine With Me properly, I'm happy with that because you have to be very extroverted for that, and I'm an awkward extronerd. Half the time, I bottle things, and while that works for some things (e.g better days to come) it doesn't work when you have to fight out a reason.

The Danny Baker - I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia book is also highly inspiring this weekend. I have not acutely read "Depression Is A Liar" for a while so will get that out my shelf.
Oh hey Statto Wave where did you go? Cornwall? Icon_razz
yes indeed Smiley
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