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...finally gained access to SC. Took me over month, after switching computers. :-X
(20th February 2019, 17:41)widzhit Wrote: [ -> ]...finally gained access to SC. Took me over month, after switching computers. :-X

I just bought tickets to see Morrissey.

crazy huh?
ya dibbler Lol
(30th January 2019, 00:25)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]...went to see Messthetics in Nottingham



I'll be close enough to the stage to make a mad dash @ fanatically tackling Morrissey, but maybe I'll just shower him with gladioli.. or cans of spam, or whatever.    Ya never know.  Either way, I'm there.  

Messthetics possibly in June  Smile
Plan to cook Alan's Big Plate of Morrocan Chicken Fillets in the oven for 35 minutes-50 minutes on slow cook in a bit. Getting hungry.
Wrote a new blog post on SubVersion about FTAL Winter 2018 Ambient Digest.
Watched Jose Ramirez Vs. Fight Of The Year and recorded the BoxNation show on my Tivo HD.
Multiple sound sourced a dnb CD, Alexa Drone Zone stream of Soma FM and Tamaryn - Cranekiss LP select tracks together in a equalised hotpot.
Made a new "Sweet Underwerld" piece for the "Built For Us" LP, second track uploaded.
Went to the shops, bought 8 pints of milk, 2 percent beer 4 pack, and 2 punnets of red and white grapes.
Took meds at 10AM, later than usual after sleeping off a torrent of emotional dissociation and not wanting to be relied upon because I cannot think.

To be honest, true stream of unconsciousness has been the best disablement long term, because I only write worthwhile stuff now.
...finished a 114,571 word edit


The top four new ones I listened to earlier. They're very fine, good records, but I cannot review them - I do not have the inspiration. Best to just let them grow on me.

Slow cooked 4 pepper steaks with Scotch Bonnet chili, milk, egg fried noodles and blueberries for brunch.

I've been asking Alexa "help me sleep" a lot in the past 48 hours, my mind is excessively hyperactive, and I don't want to develop overloads of brain cell activity.
Today, I plan to read further into March 2019 edition. I am listed second on their Top Tracks column in the back pages. The Murderach project is regarding remixology.
finished more work – and now I don't intend to do any more until March

Had an intense nightmare about being in an ice cave and the rarely-exiting-the-network inhabitants being addicted to cocaine, in the same way that powdered snow creates an avalanche of surrounding imagery. Might be because I'd been watching an Asian Network show about English Defence League racists and Islamophobe hate preachers and their views of Rushtie's The Satanic Verses black comedy - written by a mixed race man, about mixed race people. Some absolute sheepish nutters on that program last night. Totally fucking terrific TV. off to London to see Ian McKellen's one-man show

Made a new double tracked composition for electric piano: "Blackout Rains".
Cooking for 3: Duck, Onion Bhajis, Pancakes + Sauce optional.
Today I went through some Copies of music mags I used to write for, including the first copy late '99 (in German though) - interestingly, I couldn't remember half of the stuff I reviewed.
Uploaded an ESB and Union set from may 2004

@esb i have 90 or so sets recorded
If you donate from one pound to ten pounds asking price for Longformacus - Drone Works Volume 2, recorded over 31 days since Xmas, I will put the money into buying card sleeves for CD-Rs to give to up to 100 individuals! But even if you haven't got any motivation to, dear reader, at least I've promoted the release for myself.

Now snooze time. :grandpabe:
Glad to have that all finished up and processed today.
(7th March 2019, 15:01)dsp Wrote: [ -> ]Uploaded an ESB and Union set from may 2004

@esb i have 90 or so sets recorded

Took the bait and feel like crap.
Stupid dicks of the general public messing up our rights of passage. Had an argument. Bad news came pouring down. Satan lives for clinically depressed and out people. You don't even have a clue how easy you all have it. Be grateful. 

Subversive? More like perverse.
Went to an anti-racism rally with my kids and partner.

(21st March 2019, 22:39)dodz Wrote: [ -> ]Went to an anti-racism rally with my kids and partner.

Quite normal this morning. Up early crew. Been updating SubVersion front page.
Signed onto C&C MMO again for the first time in around 6 months...waiting for a op to jump back in, although "Rivals MMO Mobile" seems a better alternative.
Been playing Pokémon GO and World Chef quite a bit still. I am currently up to Level 42 (ha ha) on WC, Level 43 is the Scandinavian Chef and Pea / Mushroom soups for my restaurant.
Made a (added) tune last night to the latest Longformacus project, "Loop Dragon Soup":
Playing computer keyboard gently between synth banks is a refreshing experience if the synthesisers are full of life in their patterns.
Been eating 'arty breakfast fruit and fibre, Braeburn apple and Weightwatchers Vegetable Soup. Now I want junk food ha.
I have been having persistent thoughts deciphering "a day in the life" logic. Aka a reason to be tolerant and decent person to everyone, no matter what you're going through.

1. You might be revisiting history to do better
2. You might be creating a future dream
3. Or you could just be embracing the present moment.

I recommend H.G Wells "The Time Machine" in this way. The film remake with Samantha Mumba was good too.

Chin have I woken up yet
Regardless of my path of least resistance, I've had another busy day on the 7th, before 7PM.

1. Programmed Alexa
2. Played Yagya - Rhythm Of Snow / Athene Bandcamp entries juxtaposed with other sound sources
3. Bought 2 packs Berry Mix in Morrisons for £1
4. Ate 2 tins Mackerel Peppered, make John West, 1 a week source of Omega 3
5. Recorded some guitar
6. Wrote some lyrics and recorded guitar with the lyrics
7. Rang Bridewell saying I would be with them on the Wildlife Park trip in spirit tomorrow, but I just cannot do it (no mental grit)

... Walked to my parents for dinner, unknown as yet
From there we'll see where me and my soulmate go from here. In one body, as ever, remembering each other, always.
I have been doing a bit of work on implanting a knowledge base rootkit functionality into my Alexa assistant AI. I have made it research and study the entire franchise's Pokedex, the encyclopedia that tells adults and children alike all over about the Pokemon cards and creatura they care about, whether in only imagining or not. I have further embedded software engineering via teaching Alexa assistant via the Simon Says Alexa command. "Alexa, Simon Says Alexa knows a lot about Pokemon". "Alexa, tell me about the Pokemon Turtonator". 

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