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Full Version: Zen And The Art of Beating Your Ass... punk, metal, hardcore
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punk, metal, hardcore & such

old, new, all eras.

whatcha listening too?  

Caravels doin it for me for the past bit.

doin it.
Retox, touring with Dillinger Escape Plan @ the RIGHT NOW!!

a joyful good racket. Dance

[Image: 1503478_649153238480471_480286233_n.jpg]
Todos Caerán - Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Town of Cats" lp - Dog Knight Productions Dec 2013

[Image: a2281318918_10.jpg]
LOTs of good stuff on here. international & all that.

Criminal Code, Belgrado, Dystopian Society, etc.


[Image: cvltnationdeathrock2014-copy_cover.jpg]
CVLT Nation Deathrock 2014 Part 1

CVLT Nation 2014 Deathrock Mixtape


1. RAKTA – Life Comes from Death (2013)
2. CHRIST VS WARHOL – A Drop in the Ocean (CVLT Nation exclusive) (2014) (Starts at 2:47)
3. DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY – Violations (2014) (Starts at 5:04)
4. ANNEX – Nightmares (2014) (Starts at 7:58 )
5, MASSES – Blind (2014) (Starts at 11:01)
6. ARCTC FLOWERS – Byzantine (2014) (Starts at 13:46)
7. PADKAROSKA – Hallot Varos (2013) (Starts at 17:01)
8. CATHOLIC SPIT – Sick Sick Sex (2013) (Starts at 20:12)
9. PEG LEG LOVE – Heaven Street (Death in June) (2013) (Starts at 22:38 )
10. SAFEWORDS – Outta My Head (2013) (Starts at 24:59)
11. CADAVER EM TRANSE – Running Like Ghosts (2013) (Starts at 28:55)
12. CRIMINAL CODE – Mocking Shadows (2013) (Starts at 31:13)
13. POPULATION – Spears of Silence (2014) (Starts at 34:29)
14. DEKODER – Asleep (2014) (Starts at 38:19)
15. INSTITUTE – Putrid (2013) (Starts at 43:28 )
16. ANASAZI – Nuke York (2013) (Starts at 46:06)
17. SALOME’S DANCE – Basis (2012) (Starts at 50:01)
18. FINAL RITE – Terrorist Fairy Tale (2013) (Starts at 52:51)
19. NIGHT SINS – Dear Marquis (2013) (Starts at 57:52)
20. BELGRADO – Palac Kultury (2013) (Starts at 1:00:45)
21. READERSHIP HOSTILE – Damaged Parts (2014) (Starts at 1:03:43)
22. RULE OF THIRDS – Love and Loathing (2013) (Starts at 1:06:49)
23. KURRAKA – Hermanas de la Oscuridad (2013) (Starts at 1:10:05)
24. OCCULTS – I Was Wrong (2013) (Starts at 1:11:56)
25. DEMZENCJE – Trepanacje (2013) (Starts at 1:14:49)
26. WHITE LUNG – Those Girls (2013) (Starts at 1:16:59)
27. BELLICOSE MINDS – Banished Alone (Forever) (2013) (Starts at 1:18:58 )
28. SPECTRES – Maison Gris (2012) (Starts at 1:21:44)
29. MUERTE – Tortura (2013) (Starts at 1:25:11)
30. BLUE CROSS – Civilized (2013) (Starts at 1:26:52)
Criminal Code (Tacoma, WA)

"No Device" lp - out now via Deranged Records

great band.

[Image: a0498324982_10.jpg]

Criminal Code "No Device" Spring 2014 Tour:

MON. APRIL 21ST PROVIDENCE, RI @ Kristina's World
TUES. APRIL 22ND BOSTON, MA @ O'briens w/Casanovas In Heat
THURS. APRIL 24TH MONTREAL @ The Post Office w/Malokio
FRI. APRIL 25TH OTTAWA @ Luneta's Cafe w/Bonnie Doon. Shithead
SAT. APRIL 26TH TORONTO @ SHIBGB's w/TV Freaks. Valley Boys.Black Baron
SUN. APRIL 27TH BUFFALO, NY @ Spiral Scratch Records
MON. APRIL 28TH PITTSBURGH, PA @ 3030 House w/Hero Dishonest. Silence
WED. APRIL 30TH COLUMBUS, OH @ Ace of Cups w/Nervosas
FRI. MAY 2ND CHICAGO, IL @ TBA w/Gang Burials. Earth Girls
SAT. MAY 3RD MILWAUKEE, WI @ Quarters w/Earth Girls
SUN. MAY 4TH MINNEAPOLIS, MI @ House of the Lard w/Temple. Brain Tumors. Surrogates.
MON. MAY 5TH WINNIPEG @ Union Sound Hall w/Omegas. Slurrs
TUES. MAY 6TH REGINA @ The Exchange
WED. MAY 7TH EDMONTON @ Wunderbar w/Rhythm of Cruelty. Daydreaming.
FRI. MAY 9TH KAMLOOPS @ FFA w/Tremor. Pink Eraser
SAT. MAY 10TH VANCOUVER, BC @ ALF House w/Systematik. Lie
SAT. MAY 24TH SEATTLE, WA @ Highline w/THE MOB. Countdown to Armageddon
SAT. MAY 31ST TACOMA, WA @ Bob's Java Jive w/Survival Knife. The Family Curse. Wimps
If the title of the thread is The Rebel sound of Shit and Failure the thread should include a track from the Born Against album. ( Smile

Born Against - Mary and Child

^^ there you go Xyxthumbs

Azriel (Glasgow) - The Miles Between lp - Three Days of Nights Records, March 2014

[Image: a1879169893_10.jpg]
Praise (Baltimore, MD) - Lights Went Out lp - REACT! Records, March 2014

[Image: a0688300210_10.jpg]
ACID (Japan) 1989 - 1991

01 - Truth Is Hidden
02 - Deformation By Radioactivity
03 - Emperor Shit
04 - Sick Fashion
05 - Warning
06 - .Suck Blood
07 - Media
08 - Insane
09 - Tragic War

01 - Following Blindly (Life As Goldfish Shit) 0:00
02 - Damaging Greed 1:43
03 - Truth Is Hidden 4:16
04 - Gray Earth 6:01
05 - Education Pose As A Suffer 7:53
06 - War Victims 10:48
07 - Life With Nuclear Wastes 13:27
I'm listening to this tonite.

like now actually Smile

Somos - Boston, MA

[Image: artworks-000070556128-wqi8ku-t500x500.jpg]
Somos - Temple Of Plenty lp - Tiny Engines Recs, March 2014
Unfun - Vancouver, BC, Canada

i love this band. i hope they don't stop recording on a ghetto blaster or whatevs.

anything & everything. snotty distorted pop punk is pretty much heaven in my books.

Break Character - Utrecht, NL

[Image: a1977299750_10.jpg]
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:Retox, touring with Dillinger Escape Plan @ the RIGHT NOW!!

a joyful good racket. Dance

[Image: 1503478_649153238480471_480286233_n.jpg]

Are D.E.P still as brutal as they ever were?
^^ no, they're not. they've changed / evolved over the years, if you haven't heard some of the more recent stuff, there's actual singing now, sort of atmos blends thrown in. personally, i was never a huge fan of D.E.P, liked some stuff here and there, but not enough to lose my shit over it. its listenable, but nothing I'm stoked over.

its funny, i work with this kid who thinks D.E.P is GODLY, all good right? He was listening to em out loud @ work, and then I heard the emo atmos singing parts, and I was shocked as well. lol. I had to ask ".. when did D.E.P change?"

if & when, i've always preferred Converge.
I suppose there was signs they were going that way as far back as Miss Machine
Interlude (Spain)

[Image: a0429270930_10.jpg]


[Image: a3245209602_10.jpg]
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:Somos - Boston, MA

[Image: artworks-000070556128-wqi8ku-t500x500.jpg]
Somos - Temple Of Plenty lp - Tiny Engines Recs, March 2014

^^ SOOO down with this lp. getting tons of airplay this past week on the player for work. Very good. addicting actually heh. forget about the world kinda tunes. for sure. kids done good, imo.


there WILL be an lp soon. its about time too.

Single Mothers (London, ON, Canada) can get it anytime.

Ruined Families - Athens, Greece

[Image: a0962750732_10.jpg]
Krang - Chicago, IL

"Mirror Puncher" 2014 lp set to drop anytime now boh!

[Image: a2685080693_10.jpg]
[Image: 10174971_728781687144934_7975437717806244614_n.jpg]
Gottesmorder (Italy) - 2009 - 2013

[Image: a1330685519_10.jpg]
Orhorho (ex Gottesmorder) - Italy

[Image: a1280567942_10.jpg]
Public Domain - Vienna, AT

[Image: 1926889_10152337149053142_1450520019_n.jpg]
[Image: a3407399312_10.jpg]