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Full Version: Bandcamp ?
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Statto, an Idea: How about you put the SC releases on bandcamp?
I suppose I could do that

somebody bought something already Eek
(20th July 2015, 06:06)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]somebody bought something already Eek

Kingstatto Blue
two more sales now, plus a message from some guy at the British Library asking about adding SC rettles to the Sound Archive

(20th July 2015, 06:06)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]somebody bought something already Eek

nothing for ages now though

(15th October 2015, 08:56)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]nothing for ages now though


A new round of spamming might be in order then Teef
SC Marketing Full Throttle Action.
bandcamp Wrote:[redacted] just paid £1.20 GBP for:
Subvert Central, Fracture & Neptune - Visions Of Amen, digital track, £1.00 GBP + 0.20 VAT

Subtotal: £1.00 GBP
Revenue share (15%): -0.15 GBP
Applied to your revenue share balance: -0.73 GBP
Payment processor fee (PayPal): -0.12 GBP
Your share: £0.00 GBP

glad to see someone made some money out of it anyway Roll Lol
So you only get £0.15GBP for every £1.00GBP made on Bandcamp? i.e 15% of revenue.
no, that's just the way the bandcamp revenue share works
they add it up somehow and then take it all at once
thus you get weird stuff like the above happening Wink
Ahhhh.... Xyxthumbs