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Full Version: So Jeremy Corbyn is the new boogie-man?
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Stupid zombies.
Mr Muttley is interested in how mercantilism applies to the political - and natural - economy - of the Conservative party. I'm not stupid, I consider my political history to be at least "very" good (And I have university passes in Art History and Poetry to prove it Teef ). If you read about political economy you will find it's the real bread and butter of politics. International info is better than condescending jabs and blatant half-truths, 365 days.

Because? It is driven by attitude, instead of statistics.
a Channel Four compilation of chickencoup Labour MPs...

ha ha Nelson

“Fortunately there is that about hope,” Maya Angelou once told me. “It is never satisfied. It is met, sometimes, but never satisfied.”

Those who made the leap did not do so for the pure joy of it. The sense of euphoria among elements of its base on Friday morning was almost indistinguishable from relief. They had expected worse. A disaster has been averted, but victory has not been achieved.

Labour did not win. But hope did.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Bonfire of the Cynics

In a recent interview on his music tastes, Corbyn unveiled his favourite song and singer, which will probably not come as a surprise considering his politics.
He said: “Do I have an all-time favourite song, tune, singer? Well, I do, and it’s got to be John Lennon and Imagine.”

My opinion of Jeremy Corbyn is now severely reduced.

Well well well. Nicola Sturgeon pulls second Scottish independence referendum.
is her favourite artist Surgeon? That's the burning question
(27th June 2017, 12:06)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]He said: “Do I have an all-time favourite song, tune, singer? Well, I do, and it’s got to be John Lennon and Imagine.”

Oh god.   Nono
(27th June 2017, 21:41)noisemonkey Wrote: [ -> ]is her favourite artist Surgeon?  That's the burning question

Everything would be sweet, too too hoo ooh. You may say I'm a statist, but I'm really private Ryan, I consider it done you'll disdain us, and Theresa May will be kicked up the bum.
Corbynmania isn’t dangerous – there’s irony in those chants

yes, "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn" is just funny – but it's a positive, hopeful kind of funny Bluesmiley
I love Imagine Oops
(21st July 2017, 12:08)Muttley Wrote: [ -> ]I love Imagine Oops

(24th August 2016, 11:05)Ornette Wrote: [ -> ]once again lending credence to supporter's perceptions of a mainstream media eager to frame a narrative against Corbyn - this time followed by an open letter to James Harding, director of BBC News

And now we have #traingate... Sarcastic

[Image: corbyn2.png]

So, turns out the media were lying after all Grumble

Remember Traingate? Never before seen CCTV footage has emerged, and it proves Corbyn was right all along.

and the associated video,

(via: Double Down News)
Naomi Klein: the Corbyn movement is part of a global phenomenon

“We have seen seven years of austerity in Europe” – Corbyn speech in Brussels

The wilderness years: how Labour’s left survived to conquer
Isnt it dubbed the Conservative Labour party now?

Seems like a good article - on the controversial issue

The anti-Semitism offensive orchestrated against Jeremy Corbyn

Did anyone else watch the Al-Jazeera documentaries "The Lobby"?
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