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Full Version: So Jeremy Corbyn is the new boogie-man?
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fuck Chuka Umunna

So Alastair Campbell's hubris finally gets the better of him. Kicked out the Labour party for voting Lib Dem. Well well well.

Some controversy over his swift expulsion, but I'm not complaining Lol

Here's a nice epitaph for him

Who cares how war criminals vote? – Kit Knightly
In other news, Change UK seems to have imploded, as the neo-Lab centrists discover the hard way their brand of politics just doesn't have the appeal it once did...

That's Chuka Umunna, Angela "funny tinge" Smith, Gavin Shuker and Luciana Berger basically, with just Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan & Mike Gapes of the original founders remaining.

Definitely delighting in the schadenfreude right now.
Xyxthumbs Hahaha
Well, it's over now. Might as well pack up and call it a day. Blairites, and useful idiots on the "progressive" faux left have forced Corbyn into a remain position.

And with the Panorama programme dropping this evening I fear we are seeing the the final nail in the coffin.

Fascist future for us now. Brilliant
Labour policy on Brexit is the same as it's always been. Respect the referendum but stop Tory carcrash Brexits by any means:
(1) aiming for a soft safety-first Brexit (which they'd have got if the Tory party wasn't full of nutters)
(2) a general election;
3) a confirmatory public vote on any Brexit deal;
(4) if Tory Brexit is the only deal on offer then support Remain.

As for Panorama, I've not seen it and don't intend to see it. But I did briefly see Emily Maitlis fawning over David Triesman on Newsnight.
Fuck the BBC. Thumbd
New chess positions

Lib Dems - Tory enablers
Brexit Party - in the shit
Tory Party - nutter majority
Labour - best off out of it
I take it you've seen this. This really is appalling, quite frankly

[Image: D_qJziwW4AAu8C9.jpg:large]

What on earth was Corbyn doing giving Iain McNicol a peerage anyway. And to think, they are all in permanent positions. They have no come back on their actions

respect to the 150 or so Labour peers who didn't sign it Greenthumbu
mostly a bunch of also rans anyway.
I cannot suppress a lol Hahaha
Boris Johnson

Neutral Neutral Neutral
It's either that, or Red Tory Corbyn; pseuds corners answer to Blair's Ed Miliband.

"I'm just like you...I don't think we're going to win a political election either".
that's total bollocks from start to finish
While the public "remain" mostly clueless to the whistleblower mechanics of Corbyns corny, angry-old-toad politics, aimed principally at Theresa May alone when she was in power, the stupid Torys have indicted themselves with a nose cutting off epidemic...simply because they don't know what they are talking about.

What I said might be bollocking on about "Imagine" friendly Corbyn, make up your own mind for once people, don't follow a cliques opinion. But at the least, Corbyn is just one of the idiots manipulating the public for his own safety in government. He has to. Sadly that means bone idle Labour are being exposed for all their weaknesses post Brexit referendum. The fact they scored so poorly in the public election polls recently is case in point.

So, Corbyn is a "neoliberal". Aka a Red Tory. Aka a Ed Miliband clone. And the fact he wears different clothes and has different viewpoints to Tony Blair is irrelevant. Much is one for all.

You lot just like him because he professes leftism.

(24th July 2019, 07:27)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]that's total bollocks from start to finish
But oh, Jeremy Corbyn
quite right Xyxthumbs Hahaha
nobody can reasonably argue against the benefit of any of those policies.
"We're bringing out a new white paper which should end all discussion" ~ Adrian Finch, I'm Alan Partridge
i think the issue is nobody, as in the nobody in everyone, takes things seriously from time to time.

let's face it, the harry enfield tory boys don't have a clue - see William hague, Michael portillo, boris Johnson et al, talking about national sovereignity last night on tv (aka doing nothing).

at one extreme, they are Europe skeptics. at the other end, they are strong liberal democrats. the lib dems are just there to play for tory, and hence everyone idle begets labour.

It does not necessarily matter which party, corbyn is a good person, with good policies. they'll just forget the good he does, like blair did under the worst circumstances...

...and by the stupid people, corbyn has already been branded a war criminal.

I only joke because the internet is like this "shock horror central" where everything is "omg amazeballs" or "blew my mind". all. the. fucking. time.

stupid American culture is to blame for that, not the americans themselves per se, but the trump-lite rednecks and further involved.
A leaked report reveals the extent to which senior Labour figures sought to undermine their own party’s chances in the 2017 general election...

Nothing we didn't pretty much know already but still....

Neutral Neutral Neutral
Bloody hell, all these expanded attatchments :/
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