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Full Version: FL - Latino Percussion
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Made using programmed percussion in Ableton Live 8, zither sounds put through 2 reverb plugins, a sampled drone from my Korg Triton.
2 minutes 24 seconds long vignette.

Feedback approved as always.
Mike Kisskiss
Can anyone out there give me a 'nice tune' or something piece of feedback? Just so I feel I have not disappeared up my own arse?
I liked it Smile

kind of reminded me of this:

Yes, I see some resemblance, and it was part of the inspiration, actually.
Do you like the zither? Interested in more hi fidelity tones? Worth noting is the zither is a handheld woodblock with mmetal strings. So reverberation becomes tougher to master.
I had fun with beat programming here.

Set clip to loop > press play > loop plays indefinitely > use Ableton cursor to add and subtract notes from the loop > process of algorithm changes in real time, +-×÷ FX applied on top through plug in control panel > because loop repeats indefinitely until button clicked , everything went to plan.