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Full Version: Bop, Electrosoul System, I Wannabe - Kosmological Conspiracy
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[Image: microfunk-music.jpg]

Kos.Mos Music:
V/A "Kosmological Conspiracy LP - Sampler 1"

Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum And Bass, Microfunk
Release Date: March 1, 2017

1. I Wannabe - Helpless 
2. Bop & Electrosoul System - Sunrise

Positive feedback from Need For Mirrors, Chis Inperspective, London Electricity


Cut from Hospital podcast:

Release page at I Wannabe's website:

Hey there, this looks nice, I will take a listen, I Wannabe is new to I, I like Bop and ESS. Hospital quality control = Xyxthumbs
Mike Smile