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Full Version: TV show - FAMILY GUY appreciation thread
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Funny sitcom, particularly for advancing The Simpsons in terms of capturing the retardation of hillbilly, xenophobic and sensationalist Americans with no manners or sense.
I used to watch it in early 2000's, remembered some funny episodes like that with some nuclear waste found on the street after the truck crash which gave each member of family some special ability
^^ "Meg slams Connie..".. Meg kisses Connie after she knocks her out. THAT IS dark prison shit. lol

I never watched Family Guy in early years, as I generally don't watch tv (..I only stream stuff online), and I can't recall when I started checking clips here or there, but sometimes I would catch an episode @ a friend's place years ago. I recall people talking about it @ work years ago as well, perhaps that's when I first began checking the show out. My brother was watching the Star Wars episode @ our Christmas dinner once at my mother's house.. another first glimpse for me of the show. heh. The story lines were pretty intense for a bit back then, when Stewie died.. seems the whole world was tuned in for that. ha.

i like fg, the trippyness of it all, that intensity you mentioned, the simps don't have that, the rider for that programme was light comedy as far back as the 1980s, however satirically caustic it became. where amusement becomes a product of self-editing - knowing exactly what you are saying, or subverting human logic to portray yourself as a trickster - fg had all that, however little i remember of it, and the voices provided by seth mcfarlane always lifted the hairs on my neck. you could say, without trying to piss any of you off, that fg was a post modern response to all the atrocities of american politics. because fg is rarely about politics on the surface, it is more about the economy of policies - or international political economy - filtered through the comedic terrorism vehicle. that fg - or "he's just a family guy", as the intentionally cheesy and over-egged theme music points out, can create disillusion with perception and turn your initial expectations contrariwise, is to credit the show with the signature of a mass media mixing bowl; taking in all prisoners of western television, and deadpanning 21st c. wit all over the oven stove. Smile
and dear god, peter griffin is a feckin' buffoon isn't he. i think marvel or some big conglomerate franchise should gather together all the existing 21st c. sitcom buffoons/clowns into one big bargain bundle of action figures for kids...if they have not done so already. homer simpson, peter griffin, american dad, eric cartman, beavis/butthead, stimpy, stewie fg, brian fg, alan partridge, harry hill, mr khan...the choices are big.
yes ^^ i like how there's a vinyl toy of Peter in bra & stockings LOL. They sell it at a toy shop at a local mall in my area. Kids go in the shop all the time, they sell toys, collectibles for all ages. They keep the Peter in stockings toy waaay on the top shelf, but I'm sure kids have seen it lol.

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