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Full Version: All Nebula Mix ~ Scientific Wax + Subtle Audio B2B2B
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Hey All !

I had an off the cuff Nebula mix the other day. Fantastic producer, very versatile producer! The 3rd mix is a little boots and dryer for a few bars, and some of the mixes could have been drawn out a little more, but whatever....enjoy!  Mrgreenspliff Dj

1. Nebula - Starfield (Scientific Wax)
2. Nebula - Encounters (Subtle Audio)
3. Nebula - Platinum Jazz (Scientific Wax)
4. Nebula - Untitled Jazz (Subtle Audio)
5. Nebula - Model Projection (Sci Limited)
6. Nebula - Chords of Sorrow (Subtle Audio)
7. Nebula - Destiny (Scientific Wax Retro)
8. Nebula - Noir (Subtle Audio)
9. Nebula - Hysrosphere (Scientific Wax Retro)
10. Nebula - Spectrum of Styles (Bustle Beats)
really enjoyed the set yesterday. saves I shelling out for vinyl that'll gather dust. I bought some nebula stuff already.
nice one, cheef!
Thanks for checking it Firefinga and Muttley! Wave
Always checking your mixes, cheef Xyxthumbs
might give this another spin actually
(Yesterday, 13:55)Muttley Wrote: [ -> ]might give this another spin actually