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Full Version: PSA044 Dec2018 SAT 22/12/18 22:00-00:00GMT PENRYN SPACE AGENCY
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pHlogiston Saturated Audio

Next live show tomorrow night 22:00 GMT

#PSA044 pHlogiston saturated audio - music from 16 countries > as many genres > 68.42% released in the last month > 97.37% in the last 3
Its the best music on Earth music right now.  Don't settle for mediocre music or fake tunes

We'd strongly advise tuning in at 19:30 as foreplay provided by The Analogue Cabin https://www.mixcloud.../analogue-cabin

So there's 4.5hours of high grade lined up for the clicking tomorrow


If you are lucky enough to live close by, or just an adventurous nutjob, we've got a tasty bit of rave action lined up in Penryn (FTW), Cornwall, UK
Happy Saturnalia
Smile Krz & Maf
Blue Gotta say it just once again, your shows are great! Love your lists on discogs Smile
Thx firefinga Smile
next show tonight