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Posted by: Euphony - 14th March 2021, 08:17 - No Replies

K3Bee returns in 2021 even more epic than usual. Having had a stream of incredible releases, he turns up the heat to give the listeners a masterclass in infectious beats. Crossing the lines of jungle, Drumfunk and breakbeat Drum and Bass, he effortlessly plays with sounds like they're toys and assembles a world of stunning powerful rhythms. There seems to be no stopping K3Bee.

[Image: a2335300397_10.jpg]

Available now at:

And all other good online stores

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  Lajwah - Get Your Purrrl On! Ep. 2 [Perlon Spotlight]
Posted by: esb - 9th March 2021, 01:44 - Replies (2)

Here is the second installment of my ongoing series spotlighting the works of the seminal Microhouse/Minimal lable Perlon which was recorded live on Juncture Music on 2021.01.29.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have playing it!

01 - Kalabrese - The 73 Chicken Fried Rice - Perlon 37 [2004]
02 - Horror Inc. - In My Garden - Perlon 42 [2004]
03 - Stefan Goldmann - Blood - Perlon 51 [2005]
04 - Pantytec - Micromission (Daniel Bell Remix) - Perlon 30 [2002]
05 - Mara Trax - Words Of Love - Perlon [2012]
06 - Laverne Radix - Queen Of V (Boo Williams' Reckless Chicago Mix) - Perlon 101 [2014]
07 - Morane - Where's The Beach? (Fall Out Version) - Perlon 44 [2004]
08 - STL - Getting Deeper - Perlon 57 [2006]
09 - Audio Werner - Base - Perlon 55 [2006]
10 - Markus Nikolai - Kiss Your Mind - Perlon 77 [2009]
11 - Fumiya Tanaka - On A Bass - Perlon 117-1 [2018]
12 - Ricardo Villalobos - Stereobox - Perlon 43 [2004]
13 - Melchior Productions Ltd. - Different Places - Perlon 58 [2006]
14 - Binh - Ruski - Perlon 104 [2015]
15 - Copacabannark - Tomatenmark - Perlon 25 [2001]
16 - Pantytec - Elastobabe (Soul Capsule's Cosmic Warrior Mix) - Perlon 26 [2002]
17 - Villa H2H - Conspiracy Three - Perlon 113 [2017]
18 - Dandy Jack & The Third Leg - Ixchel - Perlon 56 [2006] 19 - Melchior Productions Ltd. - Coming Up - Perlon 66 [2007]
20 - Manmadescience - Connect The Motorcities (Soulphiction Remix) - Perlon 36 [2003]
21 - Narcotic Syntax - Komodo Dragons (Narcotic Boost) - Perlon 45 [2005]
22 - Ricardo Villalobos - Fussmilch - Perlon 08 [1999]
23 - Pantytec - Maybe - Perlon 53 [2006]
24 - I Speak For Some Of That - Perlon 31 [2003]
25 - Margaret Dygas - Invisible Circles - Perlon 74 [2009]
26 - Narcotic Syntax - The Drumpads Of Jericho - Perlon 39 [2004]
27 - Ricardo Villalobos - Any Ideas - Perlon 91 [2012]

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Posted by: Euphony - 7th March 2021, 08:56 - Replies (1)

Marc OFX is back with 3 more jazz-funk beauties. Musically trained and gifted, he once again shows his skill as he takes melodies to new heights and continues to create a sound that is entirely his own. Featuring a mix of jazz-soaked harmonies and frenetic breakbeats, these tracks don't stay still for long, as Marc OFX creates chapters from notes and stories from soul. Watch out for more from this talent, as his distinctive sounds are picked up by more and more labels.

[Image: a2415862106_10.jpg]

This release also features a separate free download on Soundcloud here:

Available now at:

And all other good online stores

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Posted by: Euphony - 7th March 2021, 08:41 - No Replies

Subdata makes a welcome return to Omni Music with a new EP of Sci-Fi inspired beats. These 4 tracks conjure up an almost supernatural world of sounds, where brooding rhythms pulse between ethereal landscapes. Expect cutting-edge drums, discordant pads and mystical melodics that thunder along to create a heart-stopping collage of mysterious beats.

[Image: a3305338399_10.jpg]

Available now at:

And all other good online stores  Smile

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  muttleys scientific kitchen disasters
Posted by: Muttley - 2nd March 2021, 23:00 - Replies (3)

av been doin an "av dat, av sum of dat, av it it it" in a liverpudlian, meets liver lads from birmingham bald brummies yewah
ipod shuffle on the recipe front. basically enough of the bandwagon blues, have some blandwagon poos. bulgur wheat and soupy.

bulgur wheat and soupy
- how?
a great learning dish for budding industry standard microwave oven head chefs and their trainees in restaurants, kitchens and
homes across the uk.

1. take a bag of bulgur wheat
2. cut it open at the edge diagonally with scissors and pour the contents.

i am not being patronising with you - i have learning difficulties myself.
just follow the steps, and i will show you the guidelines.

bags of bulgur wheat can be white couscous, couscous brown, couscous with pepper, couscous with chili pepper (ground or trimmed)
and extends to:

sous level canteen "bami/nasi variety" (the most expensive); £2.35 is the regular price in ASDA, the cheapest goods store.
but bulgur wheat is not really about bami or nasi. bami or nasi is incredibly good; bulgur is comfort food and cheap as pennies.
but, the two can be combined. this is often called street food, sushi, or risotto al negoro. not black or blak baklava, foreign
comfort food to be sold in the street markets, especially soup kitchens, on the cheap.

in short, you now have most of the details to experiment. add some hit hot sauce, a birra water, small bowl, heat and serve.
and combining it with soup of any type is luscious. i recommend mulligatawny, if you don't want the hassle of bami or nasi cook.

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  changing everything, doing nothing
Posted by: Muttley - 2nd March 2021, 11:34 - Replies (2)

you press a qwerty key. you hold down the key. the longer held, the more varied it is. 

changing everything, doing nothing. 



"go back to Compton you dirty negro, we don't sell watermelons here' is what A-cyclone yells at the white men at the Compton gun show once a year". 

that kind of vibe. 

so if you're not a white person, as in you're not wilfully dumb, read on...


erosion, some of you app and engineers may be familiar with, but only me yesterday morning, is an ableton-integrated suite device. keep it simple. only say something once. 


a better name for the product idea. just to clarify. 

what is it? 

it's a type of music module. hence, this is in the "audio production and engineering sect".

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  Aleyum - Memories In Motion Ep (Offworld087) is out now
Posted by: LM1 - 1st March 2021, 02:11 - No Replies

Aleyum - Memories In Motion Ep (Offworld087) is out now

Release date: March 1st 2021 worldwide at all good outlets

All store links

Conor Hynes, aka Aleyum, is an Irish Ambient and Drum & Bass artist living in California.
Offworld Recordings welcomes Aleyum for his debut release on the label - with notable releases on Silk Music, Lemongrass Music and Soul Deep Recordings.
Aleyum has a great talent for driving drum and bass with fantastic melodies and cinematic ambience. The 3 tracks in his ep exude this style we're sure you'll enjoy.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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Posted by: Euphony - 28th February 2021, 08:44 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes the exciting talent of Data General, who brings his unique take on drumfunk to the label. Featuring 4 tracks of timeless breaks and soaring sounds, this is an incredible addition to the catalogue. Floating between dark atmospherics and light touches of melodic beauty, this is a unique set of sounds that take you in all directions, and each direction is a sonic assault on your senses. We look forward to more from this incredible talent in the future.

[Image: a0214104094_10.jpg]

Available now at:

and all other good online stores

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  25 Years of Metalheadz - Photek Interview
Posted by: Spectraz - 23rd February 2021, 20:15 - Replies (2)

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Posted by: Euphony - 21st February 2021, 08:53 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes HProject, hot on the heels of his debut track for the label 'Taiga' that featured on the recent Lucid Dreaming LP. This time he delivers us 4 new tracks that show that he is just as adept at breaking beats into pieces and sounds into hypnotic grooves as well as sprinkling his drums with serene atmospherics. This is a versatile LP that starts with the thundering atmos-amens of Polar, before switching gear to drumfunk and neo-jungle edits that twist and turn as his drumkit seems to ooze out of the speakers. This is a incredible new talent and we are honoured to feature him on Omni Music and we are certain that it won't be the last time.

[Image: a0237036880_10.jpg]

Available now at:


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