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  Static Resemblance - Muttley 15 MOF Pt. 125
Posted by: Muttley - 23rd November 2017, 14:43 - Replies (13)

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 125 - Static Resemblance - November 2K17

Lab Creation - Sol Invictus (Bitrate Music 2007)
Alaska - Shiver (Artic Music 2005)
Resonant Evil - Doomsday Device (Loxy & Verse Remix) (Outbreak 2005)
Blame - Desert Planet (Strictly Digital 2004)
dBridge - Bastion (The Blueprint EP, Bingo Beats, 2005)
Future Prophecies - Eastern Organic (Soundtrax 2004)
Hidden Paranoid Society - Tundra (Exegene Unreleased 2005)
Illskillz - The Beat (Illskillz Recordings 2005)
ASC - Aftershock (Covert Operations Series III Sub Series 2005)
Alaska - Ancestral [high pressure limiting mix] (Artic Music 2005)

35 minutes. Download link: 

This mix was recorded at equalised 187bpm. For luxury, I have provided a downtempo speed version (between 110-160bpm). Download link: 

The reason for this is the limiting style of "mix within mix" cuts off certain transients in the music you hear. 
And not everyone has an Mp3 player (see Cowon D2, Samsung S6 and above) with a speed alter function. 
So the fast 35 minute mix is about power; so the slow 35 minute mix is about endurance and comfort. We hope you enjoy.

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  Producers that you would want to see make music together
Posted by: Spectraz - 21st November 2017, 20:38 - Replies (1)

Which producers would you want to see make music together? It can be any producer or band, any genre, and any sound. And if you had the chance to write a 12", EP or album with another producer, who would you want to work with?

I came up with the thread the other day when I heard the producer Periskop, and I thought that a good match would be Photek. So, my first pick would be Periskop & Photek.

There are so many producers that I would want to make music together with, although I would be responsible for 0,2% of the finished product Hahaha I think that I would want to work with someone humble and down to earth, and see it as a little fun side project.

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  Enjoy's new Ako Beatz single
Posted by: Muttley - 20th November 2017, 14:26 - Replies (8)

Will report back
Just gonna audit the dub on the train

One week later edit...

Very nice tunes. Mid nineties vibes for sure. Biggles. Biggles supremo gracias. Fleischterrschlaft platzen organisiert concerto operetta minimalisch.

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  How long has Redeye site been invalid?
Posted by: Muttley - 20th November 2017, 14:20 - Replies (1)

They have an invalid security certificate.
It means the Java coding may be hacked
How long has this been the case?
Think i'll stick to Juno from now on.

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  Muttley Back To Mine November 2K17 - The Path Of The Optimist
Posted by: Muttley - 20th November 2017, 11:18 - Replies (11)

Lots of work on this, lots of work. Glueing and reshaping tracks, delaying tracks, comb-filtering name it!

01. Macc & Fracture - Murphy [delay mix] (13Music 12' 2004)
02. Alexander Thomas - Pewter Flecks (Helium CDR 2008]
03. SKC & Dis - Sacrifice [half master, half comb filter mix] (OBSEssions 12' 2005)
04. Marina & The Diamonds - Fear And Loathing (Electra Heart CD 2012)
05. Photek & Teebee - Mercury (Subtitles 12' 2005)
06. Broken Library - Cadillac [reverb mix] (Jigsaw CD 2016)
07. Burial - Dog Shelter (Untrue LP Hyperdub 2007)
08. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (comb filter mix 2017)
09. Dom & Roland - Prisms (31 Records 1996)
10. Format Zero - Optic (Bio-Shield 12' 2005)
11. Resonant Evil - Violater (Dubplate 2005)
12. Helios - Soft Collared Neck (Type 2007)
13. Cartridge - Another Way (Free download 2008]
14. A-Sides & Calibre - People Of Tomorrow (Eastside 2004)
15. Goldie - You And Me [time-stretched downtempo mix] (Timeless Metalheadz CD 1994)
16. Pilote - Kratez (Subvert Central Digital free download - - 2006)

Recorded at 85.8 BPM in Mixcraft Studio 6 at Squatch Lair Studios, Oxon, UK. 
Find more muttley mixes  at and
Anyone want a download or at least to listen? Smile
Lots of love xxx
Hugs Dance Hugs

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Posted by: Carbine - 18th November 2017, 07:34 - Replies (1)

Uber sellout pop house

Suck da sweaty balls

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  My hipster pop house mix
Posted by: Carbine - 18th November 2017, 07:25 - Replies (2)


VIP pop house!!!!!

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  Rhythm+Sound Paxahou 8 year
Posted by: Primorcon - 17th November 2017, 22:26 - No Replies

It has certainly been a while, a lot has changed but this might still be my favorite mix

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  Looking for help with beginner studio setup
Posted by: Spectraz - 16th November 2017, 23:08 - Replies (7)

I have always wanted to create music, yet I have never been able to put together a decent setup. A part of the problem is that I don't entirely understand how the gear 'communicates' with each other in a digital / analogue studio environment. Moreover, I have had problems with recording in my old version of Cubase, since old projects failed to load, and the midi keyboard seemed to live a life of its own.

I obviously need to sort this out during the forthcoming years. That's why I created this post and hopefully some of you will be able to give input and feedback so I can move on, and build some sort of momentum and foundation. As for goals, on is obviously just to sit around and create and experiment with gear. Another goal is to start an own label for any tracks I might finish and have a Bandcamp page.

Here is my current setup (packed away at the moment):

HP Pavilion a6632sc - Phenom 8550 / 3GB / 640GB / GeForce 9500 GS / DVD±RW / Vista HP - (I installed an older OS that worked better with Cubase)

I will probably need a new computer correct? Price range?

Cubase Essential 4 - (I never got this program to work correctly and it was buggy, had problems with loading projects and it didn't really connect well with the gear. It was probably my fault. What is today's most popular choice? And what do you guys use? Logic? Ableton?)

External soundcard
Edirol - UA 25EX - (This might still work and is decent right?)

M-Audio - Oxygen 8 v2, USB MIDI - (It worked, but I wasn't happy about it. It didn't work well with the Blofeld, but that might have been my fault though. In this case I am thinking that I ought to work with a workstation of somekind, or perhaps use a bigger USB MIDI-Keyboard.)

AKG240S - (I think that the sound was good for it is supposed to be used for: creating and mixdowns. However, sometimes i just want to hear the HIFI-loudness version of the tune, do you know what I mean? - How it is supposed to sound in a loud pair of speakers or a couple of headphones that are maxed out when it comes to bass. When I made a tune, and it sounded ok (to my unskilled ear), then the final unmastered result sounded lame and without packing a punch.)

Studio monitors
Genelec GE-8020AP - (I am very happy with these for now. They are probably the best thing about the setup to be honest.  Neutral ) I thank Johan 'Wezzler' for the recommendation.

Waldorf Blofeld - (Yes, I bought a Blofeld many years ago, and apparently some producers use it for ambient / techno?! I think this piece of gear will stay in my setup, but I need it to team up well with sequencer / midi / workstation etc. in order to be able to record it. I never actually understood how I recorded it. Should I use MIDI and arrange all the parameters and save the settings with creating a tune, or should I record waw's of the Blofeld and save on the computer, thus saving a sound digitally and go from there?)

When it comes to creating music, I'm mainly concerned with these genres:

Jungle, Drum 'N' Bass, Hip-Hop, beats/breakbeat, Techno, Dubtechno, Ambient Techno, Ambient, Acid, experimental soundscapes

So, guys, what pieces of the gear puzzle am I missing? I am a beginner in terms of studio creation and analogue hardware Oops , but I can get around in the digital environment so I atleast can make a 4/4 beat with drums and percussion. Hahaha

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Smile BANGFACE Weekender 2018 - 15-19 March, Southport
Posted by: bangface - 16th November 2017, 15:57 - No Replies

BANGFACE Weekender 2018
15-19 March @ Southport Holiday Park

[Image: BANGFACE_BANGFACE2018Winky760.gif]

* 1st Acts Announced *

Speedy J
Ben Sims
A Guy Called Gerald
The Upbeats
ISR Live - Lenny Dee / Unexist / Satronic / Malke
Luke Vibert
2 Unlimited
Current Value AV
Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi
Original Sin
Paula Temple
The DJ Producer
Le Bask
Ceephax Acid Crew
Rico Tubbs
Crystal Distortion
Somatic Responses
The Teknoist
Jerome Hill
Ruby My Dear
Squire of Gothos
Spongebob Squarewave
Jamie Bostron
Kanji Kinetic
Miss Hysteria
Sherry S
ASBO Disco
Hadean & Gash
Dave Skywalker
Demon Cabbage
Saint Acid &
The Bang Face Hard Crew
more acts & takeovers TBA



* Chalet Tickets Now Live *
Available in groups of 2, 3, 4 & 6
(5, 7 & 8 person chalets already gone)
60 day deposit system / no booking fees with eBANG Direct

[Image: BANGFACE_BANGFACEWeekender2017PhotosAnimEdit2.gif]

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