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  Outer Heaven - Sample Pack 002
Posted by: outerheavenuk - 8th July 2020, 14:24 - Replies (1)

Hi guys I have just released my second sample pack on Bandcamp.

If anyone is interested in checking it out they can do here:

The sounds are similar to the first sample pack, with the addition of a bunch of 808 bass sounds which I made using my emu-e6400 sampler.

The sample pack contains:

Atmos & Pads x45
Breaks x19
Drum One Shots & Loops x13
EMU-E6400 & Mackie-1604 808s x142
FX x33
Mids x4
Percussion Loops x10
Textures x 7

There is a demo track on bandcamp to listen to so you can get a feel for the kind of sounds that are included in the pack.

Thanks for the support!


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  staggered posting thing
Posted by: Muttley - 6th July 2020, 14:55 - Replies (7)

By the way, Jesus, can we get rid of this stupid staggered posting thing once and for all? It's not like this is a prisoner forum, or we have a influx of psychopaths on the forum, is it? Nobody is going to bump shit ad infinitum like DOA. If this continues I might leave this Thatcherite mong-fest forever. One can only take so many posts getting hidden like a fascist militia pretending to have army credits and contain covert information. It's pretty sad and utterly pointless.

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  Arne - Sweet Darkness Ep (Offworld078) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 6th July 2020, 14:51 - No Replies

[Image: Offworld076-Arne8.jpg]

Arne - Sweet Darkness Ep ( Offworld078 )

Release date: July 6th 2020 worldwide at all good outlets.

Audio HERE

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

1. Sweet Darkness
2. Cancelled Spring
3. Blue Notes of Silenc
4. Moon Expedition

Moscow based Arseniy Popovichev a.k.a. `Arne` is a deep and atmospheric drum & bass enthusiast.
Arseniy has been releasing his music since 2007 under the pseudonym `Neon`. His debut was on Covert Operations
on the 'Global Connections' series. He followed up releasing 2 lps independently under the name Neon before
his new alter ego `Arne` was born in 2017.
We`re delighted to welcome Arne for his debut ep on Offworld. His creativity is distinguished by depth, energy and melody
and we`re sure all Offworld fans will appreciate his style.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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  RIP Ennio Morricone 1928 - 2020
Posted by: firefinga - 6th July 2020, 10:11 - Replies (2)

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Posted by: Euphony - 5th July 2020, 08:00 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes the speaker-destroying Farquaad to the label to take things off into an entirely new direction. Grinding beats, mashed up amens, house-rumbling subs and thunderous atmospheres are what to expect as he flips sounds on their head. This release is destined to make the dancefloor shake, and the attention to detail means it is as sublime to listen to carefully at home. Farquaad is a new talent to look out for and Omni are proud to support him in his musical endeavours.

[Image: a0468420777_10.jpg]

Available now at:

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  Brusten - Unknown EP [Inception:Audio - IA021]
Posted by: wiz - 4th July 2020, 21:01 - No Replies

Brusten - Unknown EP [Inception:Audio - IA021]

Driven with atmosphere and futuristic space sounds from the start. This takes you into the realm of the unknown,
with intricate halftime drum patterns and warping basslines making this track deadly.

Exploring The Unknown.
Warm lavish textures powered by sharp percussion and punchy drums with amens interjections make up this one's composition.
Got to emphasise the eerie echoing stab lines over a weighty sub bass. This one goes deep.

Deep atmospheres and textured layers are paired with halftime drums. Parallelled with warm shaking basslines it provides
this track with depth and punch in equal measures.

Ice Rush.
Dark and moody textures build tension on the intro before dropping into high energy drums and growling bass.
The creative elements and unusual percussion make this tune a proper dark roller.

[Image: ppxvNbg.jpg]

Brusten - Unknown EP [IA020]

01 / Brusten - Cassiopeia
02 / Brusten - Exploring The Unknown
03 / Brusten - Lost
04 / Brusten - Ice Rush

Grab a copy in all digital stores:


Stream here:


Follow to support:

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  id request for the heads
Posted by: Ornette - 3rd July 2020, 03:06 - Replies (13)

anyone know what this is? it says 'streetbeats' on the label

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  Short jungle mix // new jungle with few olds
Posted by: gremino - 2nd July 2020, 22:02 - No Replies

01. Gremino - Roamer
02. Skerce - Jungle Fever
03. Harmony & Xtreme - Temple Of Heaven
04. Gremino - Jbb31
05. Veak - Chemist Ina Dis
06. Riffz - 2 Late 2 Run (VIP mix)
07. Conrad Subs - Here With Me
08. Dark Dean & Hankinson Ft. Stevie A & Carmen Naida - In The Area
09. Dj Soul Slinger & Gunsmoke - Jungle Liquid Sky (London Underground mix)
10. Mega City 2 - Spice
11. Sonar - Refraction
12. Sub Sequence - F B Removed

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  Reggae Classics and Recommendations
Posted by: Spectraz - 2nd July 2020, 20:01 - Replies (24)

Every summer I tend to listen to a lot of Reggae, and at the same time research the genre and it's history. I have mostly been listening to dub over the years, but I have slowly started to broaden my horizons, and trying to find more classics and gems.

If you listen to reggae, then you essentially must read up on the Jamaican soundsystem culture, to understand the sound, techniques, and the genres setting from the pre-reggae days, up until contemporary reggae.

I have already got a list with the top Reggae albums of all time here:

Now I requesting recommendations in the following genres and aspects:

Pre-Reggae styles

  • Mento
  • Ska
  • Rocksteady
  • Early Reggae
  • Roots Reggae
  • Dub
  • Rockers
  • Lovers Rock
  • Dancehall
(Although I have not been fond of Dancehall, and Reggaeton, perhaps there are some Dancehall classics that are essential. I am looking for the more groovy sound rather than the hectic and bouncy sound)

Special Categories
  • Bass heavy Reggae (Classics and new)
  • Bass heavy Dub (Classics and new)
  • Summer Reggae
  • Current Reggae (New labels merging Reggae and dubstep production techniques, and artists such as Joe Ariwa, Ashanti Selah, Alpha Steppa and producers like them. I prefer the ones that come from a more traditional Reggae background rather than the to clean and digital dubstep sound)
  • Books on Reggae (On Jamaican music, Reggae, soundsystem culture and design, Dub, production techniques etc.)
  • Reggae music production (VSTs, sample packs, books, MIDI, tutorials, instruments etc.)

Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King - Lloyd Bradley

Dub: Sounsdcapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae (Music / Culture) - Michael Veal

Dub in Babylon: Understanding the Evolution and Significance of Dub Reggae in Jamaica and Britain from King Tubby to Post-punk - Chrisopher Partridge

Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora - Paul Sullivan

Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture - Joe Muggs

Scientists of Sound: Portraits of a UK Reggae Sound System - Simon Jones

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  ATTN Muttley
Posted by: Statto - 29th June 2020, 05:34 - Replies (7)


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