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  RIP Gershon Kingsley (of "Hot Butter - Popcorn"-Fame)
Posted by: firefinga - 18th December 2019, 10:45 - Replies (1)

Legend. Died aged 97 (!) a few days ago Lighter

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  DJ Muttley Sub Version - Xmas Mixes Drip-feed
Posted by: Muttley - 16th December 2019, 16:52 - Replies (3)

Hi friends on SC and guests,
here is a jazz mix with the anything goes style of jazz djing.
Quite gothic elementally, a bit post punk, but no real indie filler here.
All of the sounds have been truncated to -10 wide Ambient pitching.
seeing as i'm an ambient musician.

I like the track selection, which I would describe (along with the mixing sections) as intensely contemplative.

expect more in this vein across the 12 days of Christmas count down.
Some will be happier than others.
I will not be giving this to attendants of the Bridewell Gardens Xmas meal celebrations.
you can understand why upon listening.

let dee rollin' Freddo Frog selekshun box thread commence.
Bing Laden Selekta. Hahaha

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Posted by: Euphony - 15th December 2019, 09:12 - No Replies

Sonic Art and Fonetick Lee return to the label to join forces and deliver an EP of atmospheric beats. Combining both oldskool and nuskool sounds, they create a meeting of blissful sounds to caress your mind. Fans of deep Goodlooking style cuts will be right at home with this epic selection. The EP is completed by Omni favourite Abstract Drumz, who remixes the title track, morphing it into an atmospheric amen smasher.

[Image: a4058148095_10.jpg]

Available now at:

Thanks to everyone for their support in 2019. Omni Music will be back mid-January, with more deep music. In the meantime, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year Smile

Chris Eschaton

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  SB1 - We Are Legion [Speedballas LTD - SPD009]
Posted by: wiz - 15th December 2019, 01:25 - No Replies

SB1 - We Are Legion [Speedballas LTD - SPD009]

SB1 returns with a dark trip to the lake of fire on We are Legion!
The flipside features a monstrous dark rolling Jungle stepper by UK based Sikka!

[Image: avatars-000724296970-uui.jpg]

01 / SB1 - We Are Legion
02 / SB1 - We Are Legion (Sikka Remix)

Grab your copy on:


Stream here:


Follow to support:

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  Bang Face Xmas Party 2019 - Fri 13 Dec - Old Crown Courts, Bristol
Posted by: bangface - 10th December 2019, 18:30 - No Replies

Bang Face Xmas Party 2019
Fri 13 Dec @ Old Crown Courts, Bristol

[Image: BANGFACE_BANGFACEXmasParty2019ThemeAnim.gif]

Altern 8
Luke Vibert
Technical Itch
Manni Dee
Sam Binga
Kanji Kinetic
Dave Skywalker
Brain Rays
Dr. Bastardo
Demon Cabbage
Cervical Snare
Moving Slavo
Chef Bozwan
Tricky Second Album
Inflatable Fuhrer
Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew

BANGED UP! Law & Disorder Theme
Dress as judges, cops & robbers at the old crown courts Smile

eTickets £20:


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Posted by: Euphony - 8th December 2019, 08:52 - No Replies

The talented Awakefm has just stepped up another gear to deliver a heartfelt and timeless selection of crisp and clever beats. Featuring a mixture of downtempo cuts and atmospheric breaks, this LP winds it's way through a deep immersive story of a thousand musical strands, each part vying for your attention. Omni Music have been supporting Awakefm for a while now, and this LP shows exactly why, so watch this space for more.

[Image: a0819615480_10.jpg]

Available now at:



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Posted by: Penryn Space Agency - 3rd December 2019, 00:16 - Replies (1)

1hr guest mix from Luke Vibert this month, his 3rd for the PSA.

We had so many hot new tunes ourselves that we decided to extend the show by 45 mins.
If you've not heard 'Acacia Road' from dgoHn's new EP on forthcoming Astrophonic, press this button

If you make tracks this crazy dope, powerful enough to power our rocket ship, please get in touch via
we are always looking for hot NEW promos of the highest quality.  

P.P.Roy's 'Fig 3' (and the rest of his Rephlex tunes) now available from his Bandcamp page

Luke Vibert is also our special guest in Falmouth, Cornwall this Saturday night for Space Party Level 7

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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Posted by: Euphony - 1st December 2019, 08:54 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes Source K to the label with 4 infectious works of sonic precision. Mixing atmospherics with chopping rhythms, he blends together the best sounds to write sonic tales of epic proportions. Personifying what Omni stands for, these tracks layer themselves through dark and light with ease. This is a great and spellbinding addition to the Omni catalogue and we look forward to hearing more from Source K in the future.

[Image: a3328040304_10.jpg]

Available at:

And all other good online stores Smile

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  The 2019 Omni Sessions - Volume 9
Posted by: Euphony - 24th November 2019, 17:31 - No Replies

Hello again good subverts Smile

The Omni Sessions continue with more space-age rhythms and hypnotic sounds, designed to launch your consciousness into the stratosphere.

[Image: db8f-4afa-45f5-a13e-40be3f898246]

Nitin Sawhney – Heer (V2 Music)
Peron – Dreams are Moving Small Notes (Omni Dub)
Fonetick Lee – Amorphus (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Counterpart Theory (Omni Dub)
Parallel – Running (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Echea (Omni Dub)
Rainforest – One with the Universe (Mettasonic)
Awake FM – Deactivated (Omni Dub)
Schoco – With You (Omni Music)
Sonic Art & Fonetick Lee – Crystallized (Omni Dub)
Schoco – Silence Around Us (Omni Music)
J Plates – Telepathy (Omni Music)
Sonic Art – Landscapes (Omni Dub)
Source K – Lost Signal (Omni Dub)
Marc OFX – When Do I Stop Flying (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Fools Wisdom (Mettasonic)
Schoco – Behind the Stars (Omni Music)
Source K – Horizon (Omni Dub)
Ibunshi – Boltzmann Brain (Omni Dub)
Fonetick Lee – Ramen Android (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – It's You (Mettasonic)
Source K – Star Arena (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Sakura (Mettasonic)
Awake FM – Atlantis (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – The M1 Track (Mettasonic)
Source K – Genesis (Omni Dub)
Schoco – Pressure Rising (Omni Music)
Awake FM – Moon (Omni Dub)
Sonic Art & Fonetick Lee – Crystallized (Abstract Drumz Remix) (Omni Dub)
Awake FM – Orion (Omni Dub)

Streamable mix here at Mixcloud:

Downloadable mix here at Soundcloud:


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Posted by: Euphony - 24th November 2019, 08:58 - No Replies

As promised, J Plates is back; delivering more breakbeat beauties. This time he takes the listener into more atmospheric territory, mixing his precisely programmed beats with joyful melodics. Once again he shows his diverse production skills with each track standing out from the last, with their original melodies, cutting-edge production and captivating vibes. We are sure to look out for more from J Plates soon, as he continues to craft more musical delights.

[Image: a1755308968_10.jpg]

Available at:



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