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  Oldschool jungle track
Posted by: gremino - 5th May 2020, 00:06 - Replies (1)

My entry for Jungle Beat Battles.

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  RIP Dave Greenfield
Posted by: Statto - 4th May 2020, 19:31 - Replies (5)


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  Dan Guidance - Head In The Clouds ep (Offworld076) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 4th May 2020, 01:39 - No Replies

[Image: offworld075-Danv4.jpg]

Dan Guidance - Head In The Clouds ep (Offworld076) out now

Release date: May 4th 2020 worldwide at all good outlets.

Audio HERE

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

Dan Guidance, AKA Dan Guy, is a Drum and Bass producer from the UK, mostly associated with the atmospheric liquid side of drum and bass music. He has been producing quality drum and bass for many years with recent releases under his belt from the likes of Fokuz, Celsius and Soul Deep to name a few.
So we`re delighted to present his debut ep on Offworld full of deep goodness in the form of 4
atmospheric steppers for the discerning listener and dj.

Look out for another track from Dan appearing on our anticipated compilation Transmissions Volume 8 this year.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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Posted by: Euphony - 3rd May 2020, 08:01 - Replies (4)

Marc OFX returns to Omni Music to collaborate with label owner, Eschaton. Together they have created a varied and experimental EP of jazz and funk inspired beats, interspersed with frenetic amens and soulful vibes. This is perfect music for early summer, as the flowers begin to bloom and the skies begin to clear. 

[Image: a1972376621_10.jpg]

Available from:


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  Lajwah - Covfefe & Bleach Illumination (April 2020)
Posted by: esb - 28th April 2020, 12:47 - Replies (5)

Hello all SC crew!  Here is a little mix I did this past Friday which spans a few different styles throughout those 60 minutes.  With all the dumb shit going on right now I figured I would have some liberties with the title.  Hope you enjoy it!

01 - Jimi Jules - Bullshit People - Zufunkt Recordings
02 - Marcus Worgull - Yaam Dai - Optimo Music Digital Danceforce
03 - Isolee - You Are - Maeve
04 - Stimming & Marcus Worgull - Cwejman’s Tale - Sunday-Music Records
05 - Aaaron - 2020 Souls - Innervisions
06 - Denis Horvat - Patenta - Vokabularium
07 - Ditian - Forgotten April - Innervisions
08 - Vincenzo, Cari Golden - Never Go Back (Smash TV Remix) - Poker Flat Recordings
09 - TERR - Energy Sync (Club Mix) - Phantasy
10 - Zombies In Miami - Frodo - Permanent Vacation
11 - KiNK - Existence - Ovum Recordings
12 - Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life - Tresor

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  Zeus The Stubborn Siberian Husky
Posted by: Muttley - 28th April 2020, 10:11 - No Replies

187k subscribers on 28th April 2020 to date.

What is it?

It's a YouTube channel about Zeus, this Siberian Husky's name given because he's like a stubborn God who always gets what he wants.

Well, eventually he changes this mind on this example video:

Siberian Husky Temper Tantrum

Cute husky lays in the bath, gets offered the tap, changes his tune. Lots of wailing and adorable whining, as Antarctic animals communicate.
I'm sure there are many more adorable videos, to be honest this was better than dragging myself back into boxing completely.

Lots of love and cuddles to Zeus. Mike Smile

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  Dissymmetrical Music [DSSM 17]
Posted by: Limit/Asymmetric - 24th April 2020, 10:23 - No Replies

Dissymmetrical 16 OUT NOW!

  1. Asymmetric - Glitches
  2. Limit - Sweet Memories
  3. Limit - Air
  4. Asymmetric - Glitches inst
  5. Asymmetric - Virus inst

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  Shinbu - Initiation EP [Inception:Audio - IA019]
Posted by: wiz - 21st April 2020, 21:15 - No Replies

Shinbu - Initiation EP [Inception:Audio - IA019]

Shinbu - Goblin
Shinbu bares his soul in this nasty track. A deeply sinister opening gives way to a growling bassline and minimalistic drum patterns.
Peppered with atmospheric sound effects to create a sense of paranoia in the listener, this is a troubling slice of breakbeat mayhem.

Shinbu - Incantations
The artist showcases his production skills with a tune for lovers of the dark side. Unique textures and sounds draw you in while the relentless drum pattern keeps you hooked till the very end.
A tune that digs in its claws and refuses to let go.

Shinbu - Ryugu
Techno and breakbeat influences collide to create an unsettling concoction.
Shinbu utilises distortion with relentlessly pounding beats to ensure a track that you will return to again and again. For those that dig futuristic music, this is the track for you.

Shinbu - Initiation
A horror-style opening with creepy textures are soon joined by sporadic drum patterns to keep your head nodding. Halfway through,
the track ramps up the tension with the introduction of even more sinister sound effects. This is one that creeps up on you.

[Image: artworks-o0gfu0r1ymgvtkw.jpg]

Shinbu - Initiation EP [IA019]

01 / Shinbu - Goblin
02 / Shinbu - Incantations
03 / Shinbu - Initiation
04 / Shinbu - Ryugu

Grab a copy in all digital stores:


Stream here:


Follow to support:

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  RA: The Art of DJing - Fabio
Posted by: Statto - 21st April 2020, 19:22 - No Replies


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Posted by: Euphony - 19th April 2020, 08:30 - Replies (1)

Free release out now Smile

[Image: a0626752047_10.jpg]

Here is a personal message from Sound Shifter:

"Sometimes, we all go through moments that make the world seem like a dark and terrible place, like everything is broken and there is no possible way to fix it. However, as time passes and the phases of the moon wax and wane; so do our lives.
If we look up every now and then, we will see the rays of sunlight brightening up our day and filling the world with an abundance of life.
Regardless of how we feel, the order out of chaos dictates that we must live half of our lives in the dark and half in the light. It is down to us to control how we feel when we are faced with the depths of darkness or the blinding brightness of the light.
Always remember, everything is created in the darkness, from a child in a woman’s womb, to roots sprouting from a seed under the soil and crazy ideas that form in the subconscious of our own minds. Everything that is manifested in the dark has to come out to face the light at some point and the light will always expose the hideousness or beauty of that which was grown in the dark.
This song is a reflection of this inevitable cycle and as a producer I try to focus on 2 philosophies:

1) It is not the sound that you hear but rather, the vibrations that you feel.
2) Emotions create music and music creates emotions.

Thus, I sincerely hope that during these strange times this song helps you feel the emotions that were woven into the elements of the music, in turn making you feel your own emotions welling up inside of you.
Cry if you need to cry, dance if you need to dance, smile if you need to smile!
Please consider that, no matter how far down you find yourself in the void of darkness, here is the place where we can create unfathomable beauty that will rise up, expose itself to the light and shine for the whole universe to appreciate
This song evolved from the darkness of losing loved ones, but it is being released as vibrations of hope to those who are currently in pain, lost or simply down in the dumps and frustrated with the world. It is being put out to try and open new paths to help all of us move forward in the midst of uncertainty.
I cannot hold your hand, I cannot be a doctor on the front line saving lives, I cannot feed or shelter the hungry and the homeless, but I can give the world a sound that has truly come from my heart. Though it may be small and insignificant in the scheme of things, I hope it helps provide you with some form of comfort, even if it is just for a moment.
Peace love and blessings
Sound Shifter"

Available for free here:

Stay safe y'all Wave

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