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  Sarah Jane Gray (artist, one half of Broken Library band)
Posted by: Muttley - 14th November 2017, 15:28 - Replies (1)

I encountered Sarah Jane Grey and her bandmate Sam Pope, playing covers and original material as the band Broken Library, in Witney in late October 2017. The happy couple suffered joint brain haemorraghes at different points in life, and Headway charity helped them to release this.

I've just visited Sarah's artist website for the first time, piqued by the CD paintings in the inner sleeve of their "Jigsaw" album, a collection of song-writing covers and original works. The album is available to buy on there, and the busking style gig I attended filled me with hope and joy.

Both very friendly folk, and Sarah's a dab had with paints - check out her watercolour paintings here: ...I find them imbued with child-like clarity and optimism, but with a earnest maturity beyond their years that Is capturing of all the finer aspects of texture, tone, and ordinance. Having studied visual art at the Open Uni the material would fit right in at the Tate, it's that interesting.

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Secret d*bstep.. more like rotting on my doorstep @#!
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 12th November 2017, 21:33 - Replies (17)

instant stream of consciousness thought for a thread title, ya dig?  lol. 


We all know NOBODY listens to dubstep anymore. Scratch SadwavePerhaps for good reason too. I mean.. imo, trap has usurped most of dubstep's production sounds, while incredibly simplifying production techniques 10 fold, AND has jointly provided an even MORE extreme bass perversion for those that need it. Dubstep seems rather pedestrian by today's standards in bass music productions, imo. In 2017,  i view dubstep as a mere footnote to what was to come.  Still, you can't deny, whether good or bad, bass musics, hip-hop, trap, later eras of dnb (as we know), and a myriad of current commercial pop electronic tunes heard anywhere today, would NOT be here without dubstep.  It happened.  People know what dubstep is..  the general public who know nothing of dance music lingo, know the term "dubstep".   The sound was completely integrated, and passively received, perhaps killing any "edge" the music may have had, of course.  In all honesty, a dark, instrumental trap mix is more interesting to listen to, more "head nodding" , subversive, and extreme in comparison.  

If anything, I think that any notable reference to dubstep today might merely reinforce the standard UK garage connection, which I am a fan of, from back in the day. There are still blips of decent tunes posted about.  It has been roughly 15 years + of reference points you can sift through now. I stopped listening in... I can't even remember. Maybe 2006?  I was even still djing back then. Perhaps some of the Skull Disco releases were some of my final dubstep vinyl purchases back then?  Hotflush was moving on, as were other labels and producers.   "brostep" killed it for me.. perhaps the genre in general.  Things moved on and changed, as we all know. Grime stepped up again in recent years, to various degrees.  I STILL listen to old Hotflush Recordings podcast and mixes.  Earlier Hotflush Recs is always an instant reference point for me, it is like "comfort food" for my sonic tastes. heh. Hotflush was always quality back then. TOASTY for life really. Smile

Kahn & Neek, Bandulu Recs, doing it for recent stuff.   I might check out blips here and there. Hence this thread. 

Random dubstep picks, from 15+ years of music now, perhaps some grime'ting as well.   Including stuff I've never heard myself, nor checked out before the music fell void to my needs.   Feel free to share your own discoveries and gems. 

Cheers.  Xyxthumbs

Truth - Deep Medi Musik, October 2017.  

I like this.  

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  Blue Lab Beats
Posted by: B - 12th November 2017, 20:41 - Replies (1)

I've been following these two young fellas, Blue Lab Beats, for a bit now and think they're great. I love their Blue Skies EP and went to see them live in the Eastern Curve Garden in Dalston at a night called woodburner, the garden was jumping. They've just released a couple of debut singles and I hate to say I'm disappointed, however, I still maintain they are ones to watch. I had a chat with them and they are yet to discover jungle. They are musical sponges so hopefully they will take it more on a 4 Hero tip, which is what they reminded me of when I first heard them.  Anyway, make up your own mind:

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  Good Hip Hop Mixtapes
Posted by: Spectraz - 11th November 2017, 22:10 - Replies (3)

I just heard some old mixtape from Marc Mac, which I hadn't heard before. Let's post links to good hip hop mixtapes in this thread and dig up some old gems.

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  ESCHATON - THE 2017 ALPHA SESSIONS - Updated 21/11/2017
Posted by: Euphony - 11th November 2017, 11:20 - Replies (11)

Grin Grin Grin

Ok, as the Omni Sessions have officially concluded and I will be hosting a bi-weekly show on Alpha Radio I will put an archive up here of each show. I have already posted up Show 3, which was the last Omni Session. So, here are the first 2 shows Cool 

Eschaton 2017 Alpha Session Show 1 - Deep DnB & Atmospherica


Daniel Knoxville – Galaxiam
Radium – Nova
Pageant – Do You Remember
TGM – Lakes of Rila
Parhelia – Canyon of Pha'axt
Audioholic – Tallinn Minute
Eschaton and Parallel – Funkin' Ages
Optimystic – Run Me Down
Booca – Boreal Mantra
Cryogenics – Celestial Nymphs VIP
The Drumkilla – Constellations
Mizeyesis & AwakeFM – Memories of a Distant Planet
Eschaton and Parallel – Conscious Awareness (Remix)
Abstract Drumz – Transition
Deep Stealth – Night Air
Parhelia – And it Rained Moths
LTJ Bukem – Water Colours
Sci-Clone – Lucid
Rantoul – The Ladder
Aural Imbalance – Realm of Innocence
Makoto – Enterprise
Aural Imbalance – Rain on Sullust
AP Organism & Outluke – Raja in Space



Eschaton 2017 Alpha Session Show 2 - 1991 Oldskool


Shades of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation
Tech-Noise – I Luv U
Xray Xperiments – Take No Chance
The Noise Engineer – Let's Go
Q Bass – Hardcore Will Never Die (E-Type Mix)
Turntable Symphony – Instructions of Life (Blapps Possee Remix)
Red Shift - Showdown
The Predator – The Outer Limits
Shades of Rhythm - Homicide
The Noise Engineer – Paranoia (Acid Ravers Mix)
Shaft – Bolts Beats
The Psychopaths – Nightmare
Sonic Experience – Protein
Tek 9 – Kingdom of Dub
Tigers in Space – Untitled Revolution
Rhythm Section – Future
Syko – Night of the Demon
The Raid – The Party (Original Mix)
The KCL Project – There will be a Time
Speedy J – Wicked Saw
The Holy Ghost – Liquidation
XES – Roller Coaster
Rhythm Section – Check out the Bass Bass
Tekno 2 – Jet Star
The Holy Ghost – Stealth
2 For Joy – Let the Bass Kick
Armageddon – Raybone
NRG – Trip Switch
Break the Limits – E-Yeah
Armageddon – String
Oracle – DXD
After Dark – Raw
Dimension – Phenomena
The Rhythm Foundation – Let the Whole World Know



I will post up future shows in this thread too Grin  Wave

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  Seba & Ulrich Schnauss - Snöflingor EP (Blu Mar Ten Music)
Posted by: DIB - 10th November 2017, 10:17 - Replies (2)

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  Adam F : Pressure/Rushin'
Posted by: firefinga - 10th November 2017, 09:14 - Replies (2)

Early Adam F tracks unearthed and released via DeepJungle:

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  Roger Eno - New Album
Posted by: DJ ML - 9th November 2017, 01:25 - No Replies

New album by Roger Eno, is out this week, his first in 10 years!  Cool

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  The Omni Sessions Part LX
Posted by: Euphony - 8th November 2017, 09:30 - Replies (4)

This is the last offficial Omni Session previewed on Alpha Radio on 7th November 2017
Eschaton will be mixing twice a month at 8pm to 10pm UK time, so expect more Omni Dubs, Electronica, Classic DnB and much much more on his shows.

[Image: omni_sessions_60.jpg]


Eschaton – Bohr (Omni Music)
Eschaton – 15 Years later (Omni Music)
Coldicus – Luv Ya (Eschaton Remix) (Homework)
Eschaton – A Dream I once Lived In (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Hidden Realities (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Persian Flight (Materializm)
Eschaton – Electron (Omni Music)
Eschaton – All is Transient (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Sands of Time (Omni Music Dub)
Eschaton – 1990 (Omni Music Dub)
Eschaton – Trapped In Crystal (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Duality (Omni Music)
Eschaton – There is No Empty Space (Uncertified)
Eschaton – Enchanted (Omni Music)
Made In Russia – Crash Planet (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Lost in Arcus City (Omni Music Dub)
Audioholic – Pure (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Planet Intikilei (Omni Music Dub)
Limit – Prekrasnoe (Burelom)
Infest & Mr Walker – Love Serenade (Uncertified)
Audioholic – Rubber Riddim (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Shimmering Dashboard (Omni Music Dub)
Audioholic – Golden Skies (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Spaceship Named Tranquility (Omni Music Dub)
Limit – So Good (Dissemmetrical)
Audioholic – Not Enough (Omni Music Dub)
Infest & Dave Hoax – Virtue of Falling (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Don't Trust the Words (Dissemmetrical)
Infest & Mr Walker – Got to Believe (Uncertified)
Mac-V – Cultivate (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Influence (Dissemmetrical)
Simon Bean – Nostalgia (Omni Music Dub)
Fjell – Onesixty (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Make a Point (Burelom)
Simon Bean – Ethics (Omni Music Dub)
Asymmetric – Affect (Burelom)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>STREAMABLE MIXCLOUD LINK HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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  Stillhead - New Album 'Copenhagen'
Posted by: widzhit - 8th November 2017, 08:54 - Replies (1)

Quote:It has been 2 years since my debut album as Stillhead and I'm planning to release a second album titled "Copenhagen". A humble tribute to the Danish capital, and something of a catalogue of my time there, I'd like to present ten brand new Stillhead tracks, alongside remixes from some amazing producers. I'm planning a double CD release since I missed out on a CD version of my debut "Iceberg". I'm also planning a limited run of small artwork prints and if I get enough funding maybe a vinyl EP.

[Image: qwwl8z338ethxn0aptpj.jpg]

Just 4 days left to help with the funding of this release -

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