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  Merzbow - Merzbear
Posted by: Muttley - 25th May 2019, 11:02 - Replies (9)

What a frigging ball buster


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  The Virtues (TV) (CH4)
Posted by: DJ ML - 23rd May 2019, 21:18 - Replies (1)

Who is watching this series?

Compelling viewing!

2 episodes gone, 2 to go.

Stephen Graham is excellent in this.

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  how long can Subvert Central keep going?
Posted by: noisemonkey - 23rd May 2019, 11:59 - Replies (17)

I wonder

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Posted by: Muttley - 21st May 2019, 06:55 - Replies (4)

Little 2 minute vignette I created this morning.

I have been awake all night listening to artists like School Of Seven Bells, Grouper, and Boards Of Canada's "Music Has The Right To Children" on low volume.

BOC got me into electronic music when I was 14. I am 31 currently, over the big 3-0.

For me Boards' music is altogether quaint, and dark in the best kind of way. That is, it's haunting, not imposing. It never had a chip on it's shoulder to me.

Unfortunately lots of Ambient music these days fails to capture the nuances of early Eno, Boards, SOTL, Cluster, Harmonia, Tangerine Dream, what have you.

This is a miniaturised harking back to when times were simpler; when melodies were left to run, editing was kept sharp, tensegrity was normal.

It'll be on SC for as long as any company bods allow it. It doesn't infringe copyrights because everything is re-orchestrated, nothing is copied.

Enjoy, leave a comment below.

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Posted by: Euphony - 19th May 2019, 08:22 - Replies (4)

K3Bee offers up his first LP, with 12 tracks of immense jungle and drum and bass. This is a stunning selection of material that bridges the divide between atmospheric sounds and amen-wizardry. Fans of his will know his signature sounds by now; breakbeats, melodies that engage the mind, deep basslines and warming pads. This is yet another fine collection of well crafted pieces that Omni HQ have been bouncing around to for months. K3Bee just gets better and better; so keep your ears out for more from this awesome talent. 

Limited edition CD available only through bandcamp here:

[Image: 2vw8emg.jpg]
[Image: 2hmh64l.jpg]
[Image: 1humfp.jpg]

Digital version vailable from:

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Posted by: Euphony - 19th May 2019, 08:11 - No Replies

Fishy is back yet again with more thoughtful and melodic patterns of sound. This is another EP full of beats to make you smile as Fishy does what he knows best; transforming his ideas into a joyful soundscape of crisp drum and bass. The release is accompanied by an equally engaging remix of Dreamless Sleep from Nostre, who pushes the good vibes further to an epic final. This is perfect music for the summer.

[Image: ofrip.jpg]

Available from:

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  The 2019 Omni Sessions - Vol. 3
Posted by: Euphony - 17th May 2019, 15:49 - Replies (1)

Welcome to more deep beats and atmospherics aplenty with Volume 3 of the 2019 Omni Sessions.

[Image: 2kk8c6.jpg]

Dr Freebs – Curious (Within Records)
Drummotive - Anything Everything (Dub)
Kometa – Oregon Trail (Kos.Mos.Music)
Pryzma – Asteroid Belt (Kos.Mos.Music)
Kometa – Loneliness (Kos.Mos.Music)
Kometa – Nightmare (Kos.Mos.Music)
Fishy – Blue Shade (Omni Dub)
I Wannabe – So Excited (Kos.Mos.Music)
Fishy – Changing Winds (Omni Dub)
Dissident – Fana (Kos.Mos.Music)
Ahmad – Lucifer Guides Us (Uncertified Music Dub)
Booca – Happily Tired (Pinecone Moonshine Dub)
Gred Lvov – Body Hunt (Monochrome)
Fushara – Ghost (Uncertified Music Dub)
K3Bee – CBD (Omni Dub)
Asymmetric – Journey (Kos.Mos.Music)
Contact Lost – Time Machine (Uncertified Music Dub)
Booca – Secret Secretary (Pinecone Moonshine Dub)
Rainforest – 99 Riddim (Mettasonic Dub)
JCW – Intermission 1 (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Aldebaran (Omni Dub)
K3Bee – Pursuit (Omni Dub)
DJ Trax & Infest - States of Consciousness (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Substellar Companion (Omni Dub)
K3Bee- Loose Larking (Omni Dub)
Kometa – It's Time to Begin (Kos.Mos.Music)
JCW – Intermission Part 2 (Omni Dub)
Gred Lvov – Advanced Kid Chemistry (Monochrome)
Enjoy & Pariah – Sonic Void (Omni Dub)
JCW – Materia (Omni Dub)
Necrotype – Past Light (Omni Dub)
Dr Freebs – Orange Sunshine (AP Organism Remix) (Within Records)

Grab it or just simply listen to it here:


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  Bass lines Implode Us All
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 16th May 2019, 16:35 - Replies (21)

Any era, genre. 

Top bass lines. 

I heard this in the car last night.  So many thoughts and connections.

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  Welcome To The Lounge - 2CD Set Performed By David Gainsford and Space Dreams Project
Posted by: Muttley - 12th May 2019, 18:34 - Replies (2)


I'm either aloof or bad mannered in real life sometimes, to contrast the usual mild mannered behaviour. So I reach out to my Musikhoren-freunden for blabida.

This comes from my lack of tranquilisation from the world at large, the fact I feel I've lived and loved and lost a very long time, medication is needed, you get my drift.

What ties this narrative together? Well. The other day I went to Witney market, where Mr #hameron lived, which has always been a lovely place really, very Cotswoldian.

On the way back from the record shop, I spotted this long out of print gem, selling for a quid along with a variety of Jizz CDs (I bought a nice Cannonball Adderley one, too).

The CD... Welcome To The Lounge. Wouldn't sound out of place on a label such as Omni Music these days.
Yes, this isn't necessarily coffee stable, some of it has a spacey spring in its hoof.
There are 14 tracks on each side (CD), as well as an interlaced pattern built around home design epicures.
Check it out...I just found you a link:

If I have the energy I'll search on Spotify for you, since it is relevant to my cataloguing interests.

Edit: here we are...

David Gainsford:

Space Dreams Ambient and Drone playlist:

1660 songs. So with that third link you're looking at over 100 hours of pure Ambient music. Minimal beats, sweet drones and dissonant pulses.


For the ardent Muttley journalism fans, you'll know I have linked the Space Dreams playlist on SC already. That's also what caught my eye to buy this for cheap.

Slightly more expensive copies of the 2CD available for £3.39 upwards on Discogs.

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Posted by: Euphony - 12th May 2019, 07:54 - No Replies

Meanone makes a magnificent return to Omni Music with an epic journey to the stars. This is Meanone's first full LP and Omni are proud to feature it as it perfectly encapsulates what the label is all about. 
From melodic downtempo, ambience and electro beats to chilled out atmospheric drum and bass; this is a story of blissful dimensions and cutting edge beats. This is music that launches itself high, bound for the stars, and fans of his will be more than happy to listen to the tale he tells.

[Image: 2r3uhom.jpg]

Available now at:

And all other good online stores Smile

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