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Posted by: Euphony - 7th October 2020, 16:35 - Replies (7)

Omni Music present the first in a series of crowdfunded releases, where we showcase a selection of some of the finest moments from its epic back catalogue. This is strictly not-for-profit and we need to reach the minimum target of 100 over the next few weeks in order for this to go ahead.

[Image: 121029540_4422910321112608_5762084260051...e=5FA412F9]
[Image: 121034920_4422910371112603_5274861467811...e=5FA3E1BF]

A1) I Wannabe - Believe
A2) Optimystic & Cmoa - Where There Are Waves
AA1) Acid Lab - Distance Space
AA2) Enjoy & Eschaton - Meridian

Full details and the ever so important 'purchase' button can be found here:

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  Propaganda Beats as Life Reflections
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 5th October 2020, 20:23 - Replies (4)

I'm totally into the current idea of pro-Trump music, entirely a recent cultish, freaky sub genre. I'm enjoying it very much to be honest. Similar to previous, generations of pro-communist musics, which completely had its own niche as well. Political cult music, masquerading as many other things, sometimes trying to fit opposing flash points into the imagery & music - trap beats, (drug, now strip club soundtracks) with now supposed, Christian identified ideals for example - feels like a creative attempt at grasping at straws to get the point across. Creating the music itself, is truly a reflection of life, doing your part.  Much like social justice issues, gospel musics, and said, previous generations' communist soundtracks, etc, nothing new. Pro-Trump music is just an example of the latest fad. 


Is the music selling? Turning a profit? Is making money the point? Or is the cause the focus?   Chin Results still to be determined. 

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Posted by: Euphony - 4th October 2020, 07:34 - Replies (1)

Omni Music welcomes the DnB veteran FX909 to the label, who delivers 2 incredible and deep remixes from Marc OFX & Eschaton's Amethyst EP. First up is his take on Jasmine, where he takes the original sounds and shapes them into a dancefloor friendly anthem, with it's drifting melodies and surging beat. Sapphire takes the listener into an even deeper realm of sounds, as he crafts the original into a melodic masterpiece. Omni are proud to feature this incredible artist and hope to work with him again in the future.

[Image: a4039050537_10.jpg]

Available now at:

and all other good online stores Smile

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Posted by: Euphony - 4th October 2020, 07:20 - Replies (1)

K3Bee needs no introduction, having released a series of exquisite EP's as well as an LP already on Omni Music. This time, K3Bee raids the vaults to rediscover lost songs that were almost lost through a hard drive failure, but we were able to clean them up as much as possible to offer another feast for your ears. As usual, expect the music to never stand still, as he delves in and out of a myriad of sounds, keeping the breaks at the forefront and the music deep and engaging. Watch out for Volume 2 very soon.
[Image: a2744437804_10.jpg]

Available now at:

And all other good online stores Smile

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  Dissymmetrical Music [DSSM 19]
Posted by: Limit/Asymmetric - 2nd October 2020, 19:52 - No Replies

Dissymmetrical 19 OUT NOW!

[Image: ZEI8puL_NTVcPzK5gmvxCAR7JXzDpws_i7KdNyae...authuser=0]

  1. Zebedee & Limit - Need You Baby
  2. Zebedee & Asymmetric - All Junglists
  3. Asymmetric - X-billion Tons Of Metamorphic Plasma
  4. Asymmetric - X-billion Tons Of Metamorphic Plasma inst
Buy Digital:

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  This is Hexagon Sun: A Video on Boards of Canada [Documentary]
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 29th September 2020, 00:07 - Replies (1)

I seem to have inadvertently made an almost feature length video on the Scottish Electronic band "Boards of Canada". There are very few things I am passionate about to the level that I am about this musical duo. I've always wanted to make a long video outlining their discography and style, and now I've done it. The amount of time I've spent checking every word and cut in this thing is now beyond my comprehension, so if any mistakes remain I can only say I apologize. Factual inaccuracies are also something I've relentlessly checked and monitored, I can honestly say if any remain I had zero idea they weren't accurate. I'm not in any way a professional in any field related to the making of this video, it was mainly an experiment for myself, to see if I could do it, and I feel proud of it at this point.

This video was started in 2017 and initially finished and rendered around November/December 2019, so anything new from Boards of Canada after that point, isn't accounted for in this video. It took me a while to actually decide to upload it. That should explain why some "as of" phrases are out of date or inconsistent.

This video features no audio that isn't in some way related to Boards of Canada; no voice over, no adverts. It is not monetized in any way and I will not make any money at all from this video, nor do I intend to. Everything related to Boards of Canada is owned by Warp Records, Skam Music, or Music70.

The Following timestamps aren't necessarily epileptic triggers, but they do feature colors and patterns moving around quite at varying speeds, check if you are concerned:

00:12:14 (fast forwarded footage)
00:23:12 (kaleidoscopic footage)
00:32:35 (glitchy VHS footage)
00:47:34 and 00:48:20 (cuts from black to white once)
00:54:50 (more kaleidoscopic footage)
00:57:56 (close up footage of a screen)
1:00:45 (more glitchy VHS footage)
1:14:30 (just quick moving images)

All the music I used is in the credits, in order of appearance. I may upload a full "soundtrack" video at a later date and attach it here unlisted.

Thanks to George the Hawkshaw for his documentary on Boards of Canada, since it is solely what inspired me to make mine, he did it first, so he should get credit for the idea. Visit his channel here:

I think that's it. Thanks for watching, and thanks to Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin.

you can follow me on twitter here:
my website:

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Posted by: Euphony - 27th September 2020, 07:21 - No Replies

Greekboy continues his atmospheric legacy with a new EP of blissful sounds. Serene melodies, soaring pads and slamming breakbeats make this an incredible journey from start to finish, as Greekboy reaches out to the universe with his sonic transmissions. Omni are proud to welcome him back and look forward to working with him again soon.

[Image: a0655236714_10.jpg]

Available now at:


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  Radicall - Ursa Major Ep (Offworld080) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 21st September 2020, 23:22 - No Replies

Radicall - Ursa Major Ep (Offworld080)

Audio HERE

Release date: September 21st 2020 worldwide at all good outlets.

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

1. Ursa Major
2. Avalon
3. Rahm
4. Transform

Radicall is a favourite here at Offworld and he returns for a fresh ep in his distinctive style.
The delightful vocal led stepper 'Ursa Major' starts the ep. Next up is 'Avalon' an atmospheric
uplifting amen followed by club stepper 'Rahm' with deep roller 'Transform' closing out the ep in fine style.

Look forward to 2 more tunes from him featuring on our next compilation 'Transmissions Volume 8' launching in October.

Art by Parhelia

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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Posted by: Euphony - 20th September 2020, 07:34 - No Replies

Omni Music is proud to present the epic sounds of Sonic Art & If-Read's 'Cloud Illusion'.
After being sent this track, Omni HQ were blown away by the deep intelligent old skool vibes and felt that it was the perfect track to get the remix treatment. Omni Music reached out to a handful of incredible producers, who each took their own take on the original, from Pete Rann's Detroit inspired visions, Jaskin & Uneven's cutting edge rhythms and Justice's atmospheric amens. This is an astounding collection of remixes, featuring some of the label's favorite artists. With sounds as diverse as the jungle and amen-tearouts from Binary & Necrotype, the pure summer vibes from Stunna or the beautiful and melodic excursions into bliss from Pageant, Greekboy and I Wannabe; there is something for everyone in this special selection of breakbeat drum and bass.

[Image: a3157999523_10.jpg]

Available now at:

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Posted by: Euphony - 13th September 2020, 08:24 - Replies (5)

Cavernous Space & Made in Russia are back and have just commenced the launch sequence for a voyage to the deepest regions of space.
Featuring 5 tracks of epic deep drum and bass, this is another timeless release of atmospheric sounds. Expect tight grooves, washes of analogue and celestial pads as each tracks propels the listener further into the glorious cosmos. Cavernous Space and Made in Russia are regulars on the label, and it's not hard hear why.

[Image: a2857249600_10.jpg]

Available now from:

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