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  Attn ........Strike
Posted by: Altered Ego - 2nd November 2002, 20:34 - Replies (8)

Need to meet up one lunchtime this wk ...... let me know when is easiest ??

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  monday the 11th of november will be a very good day indeed.
Posted by: strike - 2nd November 2002, 20:18 - Replies (2)

It the day off the NEW Alan Partridge Series.......

Looks like he's back on Radio Norwich, and figthing to get back on the box.


[Image: alan2.jpg]

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  Genki vs Nick Fury in a Merciless Breakbeat Mashup...
Posted by: genki - 2nd November 2002, 17:42 - Replies (7)

1. Freaky Chakra - Glimmer of hope (Solace mix) [imix]
2. Ils - Music [marine parade]
3. Drive - Beat goes (EK's monster breaks mix) [sound not scene]
4. Django - Pollen [proper records]
5. Soul of Man - Dirty waltzer [finger lickin]
6. Ed Solo vs Skool of Thought - Feel the music [supercharged]
7. DJ Vela - Irresistible (10 Sui remix) [moving target]
8. Bill Vega & New Decade - Dynamics [wireframe]
9. Madam Breaks - Surveillance [en:vision]
10. Elite Force - Haiku [whole 9 yards]
11. Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - Cous cous (Royale mix) [TCR]
12. Terminalhead - Mind of your own (Terminalhead remix) [kilowatt]
13. Hybrid - Know your enemy [distinctive breaks]
14. Headrillaz - How it is (Tsunami One rmx) [v2]
15. Forme - Kick a hole [marine parade]

Enjoy me feller beatheadzzz..... Twisted

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  Avatars Galore
Posted by: subvert - 2nd November 2002, 16:41 - Replies (12)


so you can of course choose your own avatars and upload them, but if you cant find one, then i've uploaded a whole heap of them to the avatar gallery.......

to view them and/or change your avatar, just use the 'show gallery' button in the avatar section of your profile.


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Posted by: Blue - 2nd November 2002, 13:24 - Replies (4)

i hear that Dj Unsane looks like a mole and wanks like a Turk.



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  The Consolidated Subversive Links Listing
Posted by: subvert - 2nd November 2002, 12:48 - Replies (49)

keep posting up the links and i'll maintain this consolidated list.......Xyxthumbs << human rights watch << section of above site awesome tables and lists of usa actions since 1945 << worth a read news site good info and write ups.. << links to many information sources << links to many << interesting information << reclaim the streets << mumia abu-jamal << how an elite few have undue infuence << school of the americas (now changed its name) is america's terrorist training base << alternative views on world politics << great all-encompassing site -> likely - humanitarian scenarios from 2003 attack on iraq - un document << palestinian supplementary news publishers, the electronic intifada << blog from baghdad

edit: cform... i have de stickied this one to keep the board clean. an updated and detailed links list can now be found here:

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Posted by: Unsane - 2nd November 2002, 12:01 - Replies (45)

Iwan't to know what you think are the...
1. Best
2. Worst
3. Goriest
4. funniest

Zombie films of all time

Here is a reminder of the films for you.

Alien Dead. Director: Fred Olen Ray, 1980
Army of Darkness. Director:
Astro Zombies. Director: Ted V. Mikels, 1967.
The Beyond. Director Lucio Fulci, 1980.
Blood Nasty. Directors: Richard Gabai and Robert Ian Strauss, 1989.
The Boneyard. Director:
Braindead. Director: Peter Jackson, 1992
Bride of Re-Animator. Director: Brian Yuzna, 1990.
Burial Ground. Director: Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn), 1980.
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. Director: Dan Hoskins, 1992.
City of the Walking Dead. Director: Umberto Lenzi, 1980.
Carnival Of Souls. Director: Herk Hervey, 1962.
Dawn Of The Dead. Director: George Romero, 1968
Day Of The Dead. Director: George Romero, 1985
Dead and Buried. Director: Gary Sherman, 1981.
Dead Heat. Director: Mark Goldblatt, 1988.
The Dead Next Door. Director: J.R. Bookwalter, 1988.
Deathdream. Director: Bob Clark, 1972.
Dellamorte Dellamore. Director:Michelle Soavi, 1994.
Demons. Director: Lamberto Bava, 1985.
Demons 2. Director: Lamberto Bava, 1986.
Demon Wind. Director:Charles Philip Moore, 1990.
Dr. Butcher, M.D. Director: Marino Girolami (as Frank Martin), 1979.
The Evil Dead. Director: Sam Raimi, 198.
Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn. Director: Sam Raimi, 198.
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead. Director: Joe D'Amato, 1979.
The Fog. Director: John Carpenter, 1980.
Garden of the Dead. Director: John Hayes, 1972.
The Gates of Hell. Director: Lucio Fulci, 1980.
Ghost Brigade. Director: , 1993.
Hard Rock Zombies. Director: Krishna Shah, 1985
Horror of the Zombies. Director: Amando De Ossorio, 1974.
House by the Cemetery. Director: Lucio Fulci, 1981.
I Eat Your Skin. Director: Del Tenney, 1964.
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. Director: Ray Dennis Steckler, 1963.
The Invisible Dead. Director: Pierre Chevalier, 1970.
Invisible Invaders. Director: Edward L. Cahn, 1959.
King Of The Zombies. Director: Jean Yarborough, 1941.
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Director: Jorge Grau, 1974.
The Mad Ghoul. Director: James P. Hogan, 1943.
My Boyfriend's Back. Director: Bob Balaban, 1993.
Night of the Comet. Director: Thom Eberhardt, 1984.
Night of the Creeps. Director: Fred Dekker , 1986.
Night of the Seagulls. Director: Amando DeOssorio.
Night Of The Demons. Director: Kevin Tenney, 1983.
Night Of The Demons 2. Director: Kevin Tenney, 1994.
Night of the Demons III. Director: Jim Kaufman, 1997.
Night Life. Director: David Acomba, 1989
Night Of The Living Dead. Director: George Romero, 1968.
Night of the Living Dead. Director: Tom Savini, 1990.
Night Of The Zombies. Director: Bruno Mattei (as Vincent Dawn) 1983.
Oasis Of The Zombies. Director: Jess Franco, 1981
Over My Dead Body. Director: Rainer Matsutani.
Pet Sematary. Director: Mary Lambert, 1989.
Pet Sematary II. Director: Mary Lambert, 1992.
Phantasm. Director: Don Coscarelli, 1979.
Phantasm II. Director: Don Coscarelli, 1988.
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead. Director: Don Coscarelli, 1994
Plague Of The Zombies. Director: John Gilling, 1966.
Plan 9 From Outer Space. Director: Edward Wood, 1958.
Prince of Darkness. Director: John Carpenter, 1987.
Prison. Director Renny Harlin, 1988.
Psychomania. Director: Don Sharp, 1971.
Re-Animator. Director: Stuart Gordon, 1987.
Redneck Zombies. Director: Pericles Lewnes, 1988.
Rest in Pieces. Director: José Larraz, 1987.
Return of the Blind Dead. Director: Amando De Ossorio, 1972.
Return Of The Living Dead. Director: Dan O'Bannon, 1985.
Return Of The Living Dead II.
Return of the Living Dead III. Director: Brian Yuzna, 1990.
Revenge of the Dead. Director: Pupi Avati, 198 .
Revenge of the Living Zombies. Director: Bill Hinzman, 1989.
Revenge Of The Zombies. Director: Steve Sekely, 1943.
Revolt Of The Zombies. Director: Victor Halperin, 1936.
Santo Vs. The Zombies. Director:Benito Alazraki, 1961.
The Serpent And The Rainbow. Director: Wes Craven, 1988.
Shatter Dead. Director: Scooter McCrae, 1994
Shock Waves. Director: Ken Wiederhorn, 1975.
The Supernaturals. Director:Armand Mastroianni, 1986.
Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors. Director: Freddie Francis, 1965
The Thirsty Dead. Director: Terry Becker, 1975.
Tombs of the Blind Dead. Director: Armando De Ossorio, 1971.
Two Evil Eyes. Directors: George Romero and Dario Argento, 1990
Virgin Among the Living Dead. Director: Jess Franco, 1971.
Voodoo Dawn. Director: Steven Tierberg, 1990.
Voodoo Island. Director: Reginald LeBorg, 1957.
Voodoo Man. Director: William Beaudine, 1944.
Voodoo Woman. Director: Edward L. Cahn, 1957.
I Walked With A Zombie. Director: Jacques Tourneur, 1943.
The Walking Dead. Director: Michael Curtiz, 1936.
The Wedding Night. Director:Mads Tobias Olsen , 1997.
White Zombie. Director: Victor Halperin, 1932
Zombi. Director: Lucio Fulci, 1979.
Zombie 3. Director: Lucio Fulci (with Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso), 198?.
Zombie 4: After Death. Director: Claudio Fragasso, 1988. Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence. Director Andreas Schnaas, 1991.
Zombies on Broadway. Director: Gordon Douglas, 1945
Zombie Cop. Director: J.R. Bookwalter, 1991.
Zombie High. Director: Ron Link, 1987.
Zombie Island Massacre. Director: John Carter, 1984.
Zombie Lake. Director: Jean Rollin, 1980.
The Zombies Of Mora Tau. Director: Edward L Cahn, 1957.
Zombies Of The Stratosphere. 1958
The Zombies Of Sugar Hill. Director: Paul Maslansky, 1974.
Zombie Nightmare. Director: ?, 1987.

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Posted by: Unsane - 2nd November 2002, 11:28 - Replies (4)


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  Dear Mr Heston
Posted by: Unsane - 2nd November 2002, 10:42 - No Replies

October 30, 2002

To: Charlton Heston, President, NRA
From: Michael Moore, Winner, NRA Marksman Award
Subject: Your Visit to Tucson Today in the Wake of Another School Shooting

Dear Mr. Heston:

When you showed up in Denver to hold your pro-gun rally just days after the
massacre at nearby Columbine High School, the nation was shocked at your
incredible insensitivity to those who had just lost loved ones.

When you came to Flint to hold another rally in the months after a 6-year
old boy shot a 6-year old girl at a nearby elementary school, the community
was stunned by your desire to rub its face in its grief.

But your announcement that you are on your way to Tucson today, just 48
hours after a student at the University of Arizona shot and killed three
professors and then himself, to hold ANOTHER big pro-gun celebration --
this time to get out the vote for the NRA-backed Republican running for
Congress -- well, sir, I have to ask you: Have you no shame?

I am asking that you not go to Tucson today. Do not cause any more grief,
any more pain. Let the relatives and friends of the deceased mourn. Why
show up to play the role of the bully, kicking these good people when they
are down, just so you can prove that you have a right to your big, bad
guns? These are not the actions of a once brave and decent man. They are
the acts of a coward, as no man of courage would think of picking on his
fellow citizens when they are so consumed with tragedy.

Obviously, you couldn't care less. Because to you, The Gun is supreme --
and wherever it is used to kill multiple people (preferably at a school),
there shall we find you gloating about some misbegotten right you think you
have to own a device that is designed to eliminate human life.

Well, Mr. Heston, this time I think you have crossed the line. I hope that
your efforts as a gun supremacist -- you are now, I understand, in the
middle of a 12-state tour to help elect Republicans -- backfire on you in
the surest way that it can: total rejection of you, the NRA, and the
candidates you back come next Tuesday. The American people have had enough.

To the people of Tucson and the students at the University of Arizona, I am
so sorry for the tragedy you have suffered, and I feel terribly sad that
you will have to endure the sight of Charlton Heston and his gun nuts
today. Take some solace in knowing that your fellow Americans by an
overwhelming margin want tough gun laws -- and that the day of obtaining
them is not far away. There is one small way to make sure Heston and the
NRA are stopped in their tracks -- just check out the website of the man
( they have come to Tucson to defeat. Let them
pack their guns -- we will pack the polls!


Michael Moore Sniper

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  ***** possible fault, or juts me being a tw@ *****
Posted by: Formula Inc. - 2nd November 2002, 10:08 - Replies (6)

Hello Formula Inc.,

You have received a new private message to your account on "Streetbeats Music Forum" and you have requested that you be notified on this event. You can view your new message by clicking on the following link:

but when i go on this site, it says i have none :


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