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  FAO Blus
Posted by: INITIAL - 13th November 2002, 12:24 - Replies (1)

You online mate, sorted PC or still bruk?

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  Japanese Drum and Bass
Posted by: Lata - 13th November 2002, 12:06 - Replies (5)

I am trying to explore this (my foray into Indian Drum and Bass ended with UK Apachi I'm afraid).

There are the biggies but I was wondering who to PM about the lesser-known stars...

Chars Streetbeats Crew.

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Posted by: Formula Inc. - 13th November 2002, 11:49 - Replies (12)

hows life?

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  Shout Out To Street Beats & Crew
Posted by: Score - 12th November 2002, 10:58 - Replies (12)

must say this board is comin on well, clean design, clear info, clean language (although that might not last long ArgTwisted )

so maximum respect to the sb boys

can we have a round of applause please

Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim

where's a clapping smiley when you need one Chin maggie will just have to do

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  DJ Fracture live on now!!!
Posted by: DJFracture - 11th November 2002, 21:27 - No Replies

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  Award Ceremony .......
Posted by: Altered Ego - 11th November 2002, 20:24 - Replies (8)

Various awards for users of the board .............

Most smileys used ................ Scope / Strike
Scariest Poster ..................... Unsane (He knows all)
Most intriguing poster ............ Statto (Who/what is he ??)
Best Avatar .......................... Bobule
Most Comical ........................ Sir Loris / Blue

any more ????

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  mv all stars live on tonight
Posted by: smoking monkey - 11th November 2002, 16:31 - Replies (1)

on the mv all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time! as special we have a prerecorded set from dj seen part of the burner bros from new york!

line up:

7.00-to8.30 smoking monkey
8.30to9.30 dj seen
9.30to10.30 dj cut
10.30to12.00 dj mangle

the show will include rinsing tunes as:
mv all stars crossed roots rmx
drop bass crossed roots rmx
future prophecies (suprise)

as a tease i got the playlist of dj seen set ! here it is:

DJ Seen - Imported // Exported // Sorted Session 1.

1. Klute - Staticky - Levitated dub
2. Greg Packer - Make Me feel - Gain Dub
3. Jon S - Roller Rink - Dub
4. A-Sides - Whirl VIP - Levitated dub
5. Jon S & Wize - Latin Dub - Dub
6. Shapeshifter & Inster -Dream is Destiny - Dub
7. By Design(origin/trust/alder) - Dilemma rmx.
8. Monkey& Large - Slam! - Gain Dub
9. Mindmachine - illusions - Gain Dub
10.Unknown - Pacman VIP - Dub
11.Dextrous - The Deep (Pish Posh & lo-ki remix) - Dub
12.Burner Brothers feat Trixxie - Where i want you - subtype dub
13.Swarm - Soulsister - eastsides Dub
14.New Republic - why u gotta do me like that - Dub

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  Army Of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 out on dvd!
Posted by: bobule - 11th November 2002, 13:10 - Replies (4)

oh my god! bruce rocks!

i cant wait for the 3 film boxed set!

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  Small garden massive
Posted by: bobule - 11th November 2002, 10:48 - Replies (8)

badly photographed and badly put together... enjoy!

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  The New War Against Terror - Noam Chomsky
Posted by: Rival - 11th November 2002, 02:50 - Replies (3)


Noam says..

Everyone knows it's the TV people who run the world [crowd laugher]. I just got orders that I'm supposed to be here, not there. Well the last talk I gave at this forum was on a light pleasant topic. It was about how humans are an endangered species and given the nature of their institutions they are likely to destroy themselves in a fairly short time. So this time there is a little relief and we have a pleasant topic instead, the new war on terror. Unfortunately, the world keeps coming up with things that make it more and more horrible as we proceed.

I'm going to assume 2 conditions for this talk.

The first one is just what I assume to be recognition of fact. That is that the events of September 11 were a horrendous atrocity probably the most devastating instant human toll of any crime in history, outside of war. The second assumption has to do with the goals. I'm assuming that our goal is that we are interested in reducing the likelihood of such crimes whether they are against us or against someone else. If you don't accept those two assumptions, then what I say will not be addressed to you. If we do accept them, then a number of questions arise, closely related ones, which merit a good deal of thought.

Check the rest of the interview at Counterpunch at this link here:

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