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OUT NOW: CRYOGENICS - UNMAKE THE PAST EP (OmniEP119) - Euphony - 19th March 2017


Cryogenics makes a welcome return to Omni Music to take the listener on a breathtaking journey of blistering rhythms and jungle atmospheres.

Cryogenics is a rare breed of artist that can make thoughtful engaging music that easily destroys dancefloors as much as it absorbs the listener in, and these 5 tracks are no exception. Fans of Amen-infused jungle will be right at home when they press play, and this EP proves why Cryogenics is always a firm favourite at Omni HQ

[Image: 4_cryogenics_unmake_the_past_ep_Cover_Omni_EP11.jpg]

Available now at:






Digital Tunes


With Beatport and all other good sale stores to follow soon Smile

Chris Eschaton