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ATTN Cycom - firefinga - 21st April 2017

Dear ole chap Cycom Smile 

How involved are you still with plainaudio?

I am asking bc the site is fuxxed of late Icon_sad

I wanted to dl the releases recently (I dl much back in the day but a HD crash destroyed my collection) just to learn the site is (see above).

Could the back catalogue be uploaded to somewhere? perhaps?

Maybe there could be something done about the situation Xyxthumbs

RE: ATTN Cycom - Muttley - 21st April 2017

i'm not involved in plainaudio, and the same hd fuxxored situation messed my external drive up with all the releases on to date at the end of 2008. i'm sure some subverts could help?

same as muttley is still looking for "perfect pals orient" and "soul eraser" 15 mof mixes which got lost in a hd corruption in 2012.

RE: ATTN Cycom - firefinga - 28th July 2017

Site being fucked is old news, it's working again Drums ---- currently DL the catalouge which I somehow managed to miss back then

RE: ATTN Cycom - Statto - 28th July 2017