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*Disco* - firefinga - 12th May 2017

RE: *Disco* - Statto - 12th May 2017


RE: *Disco* - Statto - 12th May 2017

RE: *Disco* - Statto - 12th May 2017

RE: *Disco* - Muttley - 12th May 2017

Space - "Carry On, Turn Me On" is nice.

RE: *Disco* - firefinga - 14th May 2017


RE: *Disco* - firefinga - 21st May 2017

A lovely groover...

RE: *Disco* - +ToRMeNT+ - 23rd May 2017

I was falling asleep in the car with the radio on some time last year, and randomly we were listening to one of the Sirius XM, disco radio stations. I had just worked my then, normal 12 - 13 hour work shift, and I was entirely beat and I didn't want to leave the car while the rest of the crew went grocery shopping. I was nodding in and out of sleep while I waited outside in the car, listening to disco, exhausted, and in between falling asleep, and waking up again catching glimpses of the music, I noticed how "other worldly" original, 70's disco sounded. In my dazed, exhausted state, hearing the tunes in brief states of consciousness, I then declared to myself that disco is some of the most psychedelic music ever!

I mean, in the more aggressive tunes, there's the continuous beat, often the fluff lyrics when applicable, the repetition, the utter escapism of disco in general, and also how the music and instrumentation are structured - LIVE instrumentation of course from the original era, the energy, and further considering how much drugs some of these people may have been on while making disco music in that original 70's era, as we know. It was an entirely hedonistic moment in music history.

Disco.. at its best, imo, is pure psychedelia.  Scrambles Infinity

RE: *Disco* - +ToRMeNT+ - 23rd May 2017


00:00 Main Title Theme
06:30 The Land Of The Sand People
07:10 Princess Leia's Theme
08:59 Cantina Band
10:55 The Last Battle
12:55 End Title


14:56 Darth Vader's Theme
17:23 Yoda's Theme
18:59 The Battle In The Snow
22:29 The Force Theme
26:23 Finale


33:00 Lapti Nek
38:06 Ewok Celebration


45:06 Duel Of The Fates
47:15 Augie's Municiple Band

RE: *Disco* - firefinga - 30th August 2017