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Kunst (dgoHn & Jodey Kendrick) - DIB - 15th May 2017

This collaborative effort between John Cunnane (aka dgoHn) and Jodey Kendrick is a clanging, fidgety album sure to excite sample maniacs and beat freaks. Built largely on found and processed sounds, Kunst veers between skittish breakbeat, ambient explorations and eerie almost-electronica. At times the powerful, muscular drumming and insistent thrust of the synthesisers recalls Battles, while the playful approach to rhythm and textures evokes early FaltyDL. Elsewhere there is shades of new-age experimentalism to tracks like the warping, beatless ‘First Crack’ and ‘Ah, If Fry, Um’. Kunst is an album that keeps one guessing, but also always keen to hear what is coming around the corner.

RE: Kunst (dgoHn & Jodey Kendrick) - strike - 17th May 2017

like this

RE: Kunst (dgoHn & Jodey Kendrick) - NoodeL - 19th May 2017

thanks, will check this later tonight Smile

RE: Kunst (dgoHn & Jodey Kendrick) - Muttley - 19th May 2017

I'm gonna try and check this as soon as I can, but I need to be in the right frame of mind for the best hearing. dgohn has lots of rattling drums usually, id like this to be something advanced.