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Glint - Glint EP (rare CD-R) - Muttley - 9th July 2017

this is not the original track order of the free cd-r I was given to treat when I saw Jase Blankfort's band tour Oxfordshire In October 2009, but it's my preferred order. "Kernel Panic" is frightening music. "Hold Still" is beautiful. The other three are based on these interwoven moods.

I've had the cd-r in my flat somewhere since march 25th 2015 but I cannae find it pet, I am so sad I can't put this on my stereo or blue tack the holder to my wall so I can keep cranking it. it's soul destroying music. really really satisfying. like ian Curtis early but worse; jase can't sing.

finally I decided, if eventually I digitally record my uploaded gift because it's hidden atm, I will make a thread for it, because I love it.

RE: Glint - Glint EP (rare CD-R) - Kermit McBollocks - 23rd August 2017

crazzeee sounds of the glint inside the asylum, yip yip where's me frogger frame