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OUT NOW: SONIC ART - SPACE NAVIGATION EP (OmniEP126) - Euphony - 16th July 2017


Sonic Art jumps on board Omni Music for a mission to the stars.

Strap yourself in as we take off from planet Earth and out into the great unknown, a journey filled with space-age harmonics, gravity-defying amens and celestial melodics. Sonic Art is another of the new breed of artists emerging with a strong appreciation of drum and bass's roots and using that to steer it's course into the future; producing tracks that are reminiscent of the heyday of Lucky Spin, Timeless and other classic labels. This is a serious talent to watch out for as drum and bass continues to move through the universe

[Image: Sonic_Art_-_Space_Navigation_EP_Cover_white_web.jpg]

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With Digital Tunes, Beatport, itunes and many more to follow


Chris Eschaton