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Internet Fatigue - firefinga - 16th July 2017

I grew up with the internet but this year I have reached a point where I increasingly find getting on the net annoying. I experience serious internet fatigue. I quit all social media (except for a peek at my twitter acct once a month or so) and even checking my work related e mails has become a burden (as ridiculous as it sounds). I am occasionally watching a youtube vid here and there, and that's it.

Keeping myself offline as much as possible for a few weeks now, and have to say it's somewhat liberating. Xyxthumbs

RE: Internet Fatigue - Statto - 16th July 2017


RE: Internet Fatigue - Muttley - 16th July 2017

Yes if we're talking because I have no energy for arguing with anyone and no cause as well.

RE: Internet Fatigue - widzhit - 18th July 2017


I do this during vacations. But smartphones have somewhat liberated me from need to use computer all the time, so I try to use Internet as little as possible. This is mainly because at times it seems there's only negativity and bullshit out there, so instead I play PS4 or ride a bike. And then there's music, of course.

RE: Internet Fatigue - Statto - 19th July 2017



RE: Internet Fatigue - Muttley - 19th July 2017

I'm sure I'm actually happy yt embeds are disabled on my phone. It might make for less excitement but I prefer fights to boring.