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OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Euphony - 13th August 2017


The Sound-bending duo, Jiva & Fr.Om, are back with a full length LP bursting with experimental yet devastatingly catchy tracks. This LP showcases the best of both their sounds, spliced together in perfect symbiosis. Expect clever breaks, exceptional eruptions of bass and surging synths that together help construct something quite extroadinary and otherworldy. This is breakbeat drum and bass taken to the next level, Jiva & Fr.Om's level, and it's a long hard bumpy road back down.

[Image: Jiva_From_-_Saturnine_LP_Omni052_Cover_web.jpg]

Available now from:






With Beatport, Digital Tunes and others to follow

RE: OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Dinsdale - 6th September 2017

Finally checked it properly. Nice stuff Xyxthumbs
Remote Station and Blizzard are my favoutites so far.

Btw Euphony,seems that last Omni release on digital-tunes is Omni Jungle 3, they haven't had any Omni update for a while. I will bag this album from bandcamp anyway, but just wanted to let you know.

RE: OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Euphony - 9th September 2017

I don't know what is happening with Digital Tunes, I have noticed that for a while. I keep meaning to ask the distributor about that, good reminder! Grin Xyxthumbs

RE: OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Euphony - 11th September 2017

I had a reply from the distributor this morning:

"We have currently placed the deliveries on hold for digital tunes because the store was supposed to be closing down. We are currently waiting for a confirmation to see if they have sorted anything out yet to stay live.

If they stay in business, all of your releases that you have released during the period of the deliveries being on hold will be delivered to them and will go live on the store as soon as they can."

RE: OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Dinsdale - 11th September 2017

Damn, it would be a shame if they closed down. They are the best digital music retailer on the market in my opinion.
I checked their website and it seems that they might have sorted it out, as now the website says that Digital-Tunes belongs to Triple Vision Distribution company, while it used to belong to some Finnish company (Digital Tunes OY or something similar). Don't know when did the change the owner though.