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OUT NOW: JIVA & FR.OM - SATURNINE LP (Omni052) - Euphony - 13th August 2017


The Sound-bending duo, Jiva & Fr.Om, are back with a full length LP bursting with experimental yet devastatingly catchy tracks. This LP showcases the best of both their sounds, spliced together in perfect symbiosis. Expect clever breaks, exceptional eruptions of bass and surging synths that together help construct something quite extroadinary and otherworldy. This is breakbeat drum and bass taken to the next level, Jiva & Fr.Om's level, and it's a long hard bumpy road back down.

[Image: Jiva_From_-_Saturnine_LP_Omni052_Cover_web.jpg]

Available now from:






With Beatport, Digital Tunes and others to follow