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OUT NOW: ABSTRACT DRUMZ - PROPHECY EP (OmniEP137) - Euphony - 8th October 2017

Abstract Drumz returns to Omni Music with an incredible selection of musical breakbeats. This is timeless music that wouldn't sound out of place in the 90's or another 20 years from now. Beautifully executed breaks, punchy subs and evocative harmonies are the order of the day, as he creates his own homage to the jungle and drum and bass sounds he loves. The EP is perfectly accompanied by the remixing talents of another Omni favourite, Optimystic, who creates a spectacular engaging breakbeat-warping workout of 'Count your Blessings'. Watch this space for more Abstract Drumz.

[Image: Abstract_Drumz_-_Prophecy_EP_Cover_web.jpg]

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Chris Eschaton