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unreleased foci left using etherpad - Muttley - 9th October 2017

ez all,

not many people I bother emailing directly about my own music, but I thought I would let you know about etherpad, a free synthscaper app for android by paul batchelor. I made a 12 track "death of rave" style vignette ep with etherpad already...let muttley know if you need. 22 minutes of yer time.
unreleased and not releasing unless someone explicitly needs to release. I normally release everything myself because nobody's interested. but as I am keeping this off the internet until someone replies, seems ok to let people know about the app.
my soundcloud uploads were not doing muttley any favours and everything is still there anyway (for everyone else I live with).
all the best

RE: unreleased foci left using etherpad - Muttley - 9th October 2017

I have decided to make this a free download. Will be mastered when published on BC. no tracks on SC, my cloud is too big already, I downsized that spotlight page to 28 audio streams of my own. I originally had over 425.
I am trying to do as little as possible. Small EPs cannot hurt FL. Especially when they are free.

It is on my DropBox for now if Annastay wants to share, being my editor and all. You are all just extensions of Muttley anyway, so I see no great issue besides weirdness of the unknown.

Come down to see me play live some time, and buy me a soft drink as consolation.