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ESCHATON - THE 2017 ALPHA SESSIONS - Euphony - 11th November 2017

Grin Grin Grin

Ok, as the Omni Sessions have officially concluded and I will be hosting a bi-weekly show on Alpha Radio I will put an archive up here of each show. I have already posted up Show 3, which was the last Omni Session. So, here are the first 2 shows Cool 

Eschaton 2017 Alpha Session Show 1 - Deep DnB & Atmospherica


Daniel Knoxville – Galaxiam
Radium – Nova
Pageant – Do You Remember
TGM – Lakes of Rila
Parhelia – Canyon of Pha'axt
Audioholic – Tallinn Minute
Eschaton and Parallel – Funkin' Ages
Optimystic – Run Me Down
Booca – Boreal Mantra
Cryogenics – Celestial Nymphs VIP
The Drumkilla – Constellations
Mizeyesis & AwakeFM – Memories of a Distant Planet
Eschaton and Parallel – Conscious Awareness (Remix)
Abstract Drumz – Transition
Deep Stealth – Night Air
Parhelia – And it Rained Moths
LTJ Bukem – Water Colours
Sci-Clone – Lucid
Rantoul – The Ladder
Aural Imbalance – Realm of Innocence
Makoto – Enterprise
Aural Imbalance – Rain on Sullust
AP Organism & Outluke – Raja in Space



Eschaton 2017 Alpha Session Show 2 - 1991 Oldskool


Shades of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation
Tech-Noise – I Luv U
Xray Xperiments – Take No Chance
The Noise Engineer – Let's Go
Q Bass – Hardcore Will Never Die (E-Type Mix)
Turntable Symphony – Instructions of Life (Blapps Possee Remix)
Red Shift - Showdown
The Predator – The Outer Limits
Shades of Rhythm - Homicide
The Noise Engineer – Paranoia (Acid Ravers Mix)
Shaft – Bolts Beats
The Psychopaths – Nightmare
Sonic Experience – Protein
Tek 9 – Kingdom of Dub
Tigers in Space – Untitled Revolution
Rhythm Section – Future
Syko – Night of the Demon
The Raid – The Party (Original Mix)
The KCL Project – There will be a Time
Speedy J – Wicked Saw
The Holy Ghost – Liquidation
XES – Roller Coaster
Rhythm Section – Check out the Bass Bass
Tekno 2 – Jet Star
The Holy Ghost – Stealth
2 For Joy – Let the Bass Kick
Armageddon – Raybone
NRG – Trip Switch
Break the Limits – E-Yeah
Armageddon – String
Oracle – DXD
After Dark – Raw
Dimension – Phenomena
The Rhythm Foundation – Let the Whole World Know



I will post up future shows in this thread too Grin  Wave

RE: ESCHATON - THE 2017 ALPHA SESSIONS - firefinga - 13th November 2017

Wow, Omni sessions concluded, End of an era (at least for me), loved your series, euphony Badger

And cheers to the Alpha Sessions then !

RE: ESCHATON - THE 2017 ALPHA SESSIONS - Bassix - 14th November 2017

Yes that 1991 Oldskool mix is BAD

Takes me back to being a kid...running around trying to get all those Hardcore Techno cassette tapes from my older cousins !

Big Up !!! Eschaton Smile

RE: ESCHATON - THE 2017 ALPHA SESSIONS - Euphony - 16th November 2017

Nice one guys Grin
There will be plenty more where these came from Smile
You also get 2 mixes a month compared to an average of 1 with the Omni Sessions Firefinga, so it should actually work out better Grin