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fl - unfocused sweet - ussvolii - Muttley - 28th November 2017

If you want it, here it is, in my Dropbox, come and get it. But it helps for copyright if you want to ask.
It's a short 26 minute EP with a long 10 minute opening drone track. I won't bore you with too many details, just enjoy.
Made with Wok Pitch Delay, Live 8, Korg Triton LE (used by Vangelis and Wakeman), a 3-stringed Epiphone (Hendrix guitar) and a touch of octave vocal meandering. "Love" is not for sale. Or rather, I want to keep focus on my original batch of 90 Bandcamp official releases as Foci Left.
Recorded on a Olympus 713 Digital Recorder, and on computer.
If you like this, why not head to to grab something else. Plenty free on there. Or just ask me and I'll give.
Lots of love, Michael. xoxo

RE: fl - unfocused sweet - ussvolii - Muttley - 1st December 2017

The best offcuts from the "Unfocus Sweet" experiment, totalling 7 tracks, is available for £7 here...

Individual downloads are available for £1 per track - the price I sell all my tracks at. I hope you like the art - took me a lot of thought this one, genuinely!