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Happy New Year - Statto - 1st January 2018


RE: Happy New Year - Muttley - 1st January 2018

Yesh. Statto Annastay and Torment I raise you.
Happy xmas and new year hearmebob.
We had an alright Chitown food themed dinner.
Drinks were plentiful as usual.
Oh beer how I crave thee.
Jools Holland hootenanny 25th Anniversary, Glastonbury highlights on the telly, tuned in just for the muzak, not the black sheep that escaped from the pen.
So much easier when I have friends who care about me.

I'm hoping this year I lose another stone proper to take me down from 18.7 to 17.7 accordingly average.
I'm wishing for love, lightheartedness, trust and honest friendship, wisdom, laughs, and purity.

RE: Happy New Year - +ToRMeNT+ - 1st January 2018

yo..  just after 2am here.,  still cold as fawk, but warming up finally starting later today apparently. Ugh.   ^^  Happy New Year to y'alls, and all of y'alls!   Cheers

Last meal for 2017 - McDonald's - FACT.  I didn't think there was much else open, but.. there was in other areas we didn't see. DOH!  McDonalds can get hella expensive depending how you order. Should've just copped a full meal with Vietnamese food for $10 cheaper.  Bah..  being thrifty on NYE, why not?

My brother told me earlier in the NYE night the house he lives in is haunted. He said he has woken up twice recently and walked into the bathroom and the little bathroom garbage can lid he has in there was swinging on the hinges for no reason on 2 occasions now. Nobody else using the washroom before him, etc. And he saw a shadow outlined with light move across the room while trying to sleep recently.  Um.. yeah..  lol.  My NYE convo.    Ghost Ghost Ghost

RE: Happy New Year - firefinga - 1st January 2018

Happy New Year Wave

RE: Happy New Year - Euphony - 1st January 2018


RE: Happy New Year - widzhit - 2nd January 2018

Happy New Year!
Hope on hearing even more good music this year.

RE: Happy New Year - DJ ML - 5th January 2018

a belated happy new year!