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Atmosphere - Overcast! EP (similar recommendations) - Spectraz - 7th April 2018

Last year, the group Atmosphere came out with their 20 year anniversary and remastered release of the album Overcast! I've recently connected my decks again and I listened to the vinyl Overcast EP while cleaning, and I must say that I had slept on this one. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to ask you for tips on similar albums and EPs in the same vein of hip hop.

I'm looking for albums featuring one or a couple of MCs, with a DJ/producer collaborator that brings good beats as well as scratch choruses etc. Raw hip hop without any fuss; two turntables and a mic. All I can come up with right now is probably All Natural's "No Additives, No Preservatives", music from Jeru The Damaja, and perhaps Eric B & Rakim's "Paid In Full". Do you have any good recommendations that I might be able to find as reissues? Underground backpacker stuff is also ok.