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OUT NOW: PARALLEL - RAINY DAYS EP (OmniEP152) - Euphony - 15th April 2018

One word: Parallel.
That's all that's normally needed when promoting this incredible talents music, but this EP deserves so much more than that. Fans of his know his sounds only too well, and his talent has been featurred on numerous labels over the years. Omni Music are incredibly proud to finally release his own full EP, an EP long overdue, with Parallel being one of the original and most featured artists on the label.
These are 4 tracks of immense beats, perfectly crafted, expertly designed and beautifully realised. Press play and set the controls of your mind to 'Breakbeat Heaven'.

[Image: Parallel_-_Rainy_Days_EP_Cover_web_Omni_EP152.jpg]

Available now at:





with many more great online stores to follow