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Just checking in - Muttley - 6th May 2018

Hi subverts Wave

On holiday.
Costa Del Sol.
For 2 weeks more.
I have found the visit incredibly therapeutic. 

1 month investigation into the country.
The weather's ultra sweet. Never below 13 oc.
Much more uplifting than dirgy Oxford. 
I have been outside every day despite agoraphobia - at least in the lovely garden under the sun. I've also been for at least eight testing walks. More on fb. And a swim and beaching it three times. 

Met a lot of nice people out here. The surroundings are a beaut. And at the retreat I'm staying.

Here are a few restaurants to make this self serving read worth your while. 

Saly Pimienta - Polish food - Frigliana
Masala House - Indian food - Burriana, Nerja
Asiatico - Chinese food - Nerja
34 - Spanish food - Frigliana/Nerja
Plaza - Spanish/Italian food - Comares
Pizzeria (there are many) - Nerja
Ayo - Spanish food - Burriana
Nerja Minimarket - Nerja petrol station restaurant
Miguel's Tapas Bar - Spanish food restaurant - Competa
The Shed - Spanish/Thai/Indian food - Maro
Lan Sang - Thai food- Nerja
Steak House - steak and burger specialists - Nerja
Hotel Balcon De Europa/Marissal - Spanish food - Nerja
Restaurante de Virtudas - Spanish food - Frigliana
Mirador - Spanish and Arabian food - Frigliana
Cerreja Mis Jupitas - Spanish food - Vinuela
Cafe Almijara - Spanish alacarte - Frigliana
Jordi - Wine Tapas bar - Torro Del Mar, Malaga

Monetarily buffered by my super parents cooking meals between outings to make sure I don't set the house on fire! Teef

Including Morcilla Sausages, Asado Vegetables, Marisco 3 Delicious Paella w Clams and Shrimp, Andalucian Chicken w Oriental Veggies, Egg Salads w Mayo, cold Lidl Sushi boxes w Wasabi + Soy Sauce, Amstel San Miguel Cruz Campo and Argus beers, and good ol' homebaked Lasagne.

Soundtrack to Nerja stay, in villa, bars and beach...
W1 The Ambient Visitor, Muttley, FL, ASC, Flamenco guitar
W2 Spotify, Opal Tapes, Goldfrapp, Magix, Zen
W3 Natalie Beridze, Bowie, Annastay, Orbital
W4 Quosp, Low Point, Boduf Songs, Eurovision.

RE: Just checking in - Statto - 6th May 2018


RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 6th May 2018

(6th May 2018, 16:59)Muttley Wrote: Hi subverts Wave

Still alive. 
On holiday.
Costa Del Sol.
For 2 weeks more. Utter lifesaver. I feel holiness.

I have found the visit incredibly therapeutic. 

1 month investigation into the country.
The weather's ultra sweet. Never below 13 oc.
Much more uplifting than dirgy Oxford. 
I have been outside every day despite agoraphobia - at least in the lovely garden under the sun. I've also been for two testing walks. More on fb. And a swim and beaching it three times. 

Met a lot of nice people out here. The surroundings are a beaut. And at the retreat I'm staying in, some villa locals somewhere are having a party barbie. Im Here with my carers.

I make no announcements to distant friends. Only those who know me. No sensitive information.  People here know I'm clinically depressed. But I've had very little reason to regress into my own anus so to speak like depression kicks us all. I could see myself living in Spain. I know fellow writers like Phil Sherburne live out here too. 
That's possible if you spend 6 months a year max in espanol and then fly 2 hours (basically a land commute) to Spanish waters. 

Here are a few restaurants to make this self serving read worth your while. 

Saly Pimienta - Polish food - Frigliana

Mutts choice 
Chicken escallopes w pineapple strawberry white rice and chips. Good beer too.

Masala House - Indian food - Burriana

Mutts choice first 2 weeks
Lamb Jaipuri w special rice.

Asiatico - Chinese food - Nerja

Mutts choice
Garlic Prawns w Roast Duck + Fried Noodles.

34 - Spanish food - Frigliana

Mutts choice 
We had a Tapas selection of olives, tomato crust, mozzarella cheese and meats.

Plaza - Spanish/Italian food - Torodes
Mutts choice

A Tapas bar with a lovely Meatballs and Chili Sauce / Balsamic Salad and Julienne Chips reduction. 

Pizzeria (there are many) - Nerja
Mutts choice

Green Pepper Chicken w as above. 

Ayo - Spanish food - Burriana
Mutts choice

Gorgeous Paella 2 helpings. Prawn Chicken Risotto rice and sauce w lemons.

Nerja Minimarket - Nerja petrol station restaurant
Mutts choice

Perfect for a pick-me-up Full English, for me w 5 rashes bacon! 

I feel so loved right now.
You're right Statts, i do prefer following my dreams

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

I'm in atm. And in Heaven. So many good memories.
The best part about Spanish food restaurants and air is that everything is more spaced out, with areas like Almeria avoided because they are too spaghetti Western.

Other areas like Comares and Competa are worth a visit, especially Competa for it's oldschool vibe that transcends the simple Tapas bar inundation of tourist traps like Nerja town centre in relation to the loveliness of Cadiz.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

The main thing that drew me to get involved with this holiday was tami supports and a real connection to the rustic traditions of Spain. Excellente English presence as the first real symtax of the world, way before Esperanto seals the deal. This is a very positive place and while ignorant people exist here still, ignorance is human.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

I'm sorry I don't have much to say about the SC goings on these days, and that I still blow up the internet with my craziness. It's my release though. No enemies, only friends. This makes for good excursions in UK / EUROPE.

I'm always surprised by how much we have on our doorstep. I'll be glad to get home in 12 days though. No place like home.
But as a retreat to stay in it's ideal.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

Also visited...


RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

Lan Sang restaurant was splendid.
I had Deep Fried Red Curry Fish w Fenugreek leaves and Thai Jasmine Rice. Well priced. Good decor. Quiet surroundings. Also outside tables. The fish was fried to perfection, and there was plenty of it for us as a couple. We shared a egg fried rice with my carers/parents.

Lan Sang is off the main Burriana, Nerja drag - up from the beach, and bustling at nigjt. It's not miserable or annoying, it's absolutely luringly luxuriant in a well spit n polished, cozy night life consummate.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 7th May 2018

"Tru something different!

Come and enjoy our special lunch menu offer, and have your first drink free with this brochure- Lan Sang. "

One main course (all served w rice) £10
One starter and main £14
Two starters and one main £16.50

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 8th May 2018

Physical disablements have been distracting this holiday though. Because for the first time after taking my mood stabillisers and antipsychotic today i could not move my lower half for 45 min in bed for example turn myself and have anything but twitching. I put myself in the recovery position to stimulate bloodflow. 20 minutes later i was able to move better. Thats an hour immobilised. 

On a general descent of 300 metres -  dwp walking distance you can either do safely or not - on the last less than 10000 step walk i fell over three times. I still can't do 10000 steps without hurting myself. So much for not being both mentally and physically disabled.

RE: Just checking in - StevenGrass - 8th May 2018

Hope you'd feel better, man. Thanks for the recommendations.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 8th May 2018

No problem Steven.

It's not come as a shock, the numb legs limbs and limpness. But it is time to talk to the doctors.
This was happening well over 5 years ago and pre valproate and solian. But not pre medication in 08.

I just do not intend to end up wheelchair bound.
I'm only 30 years old.
I dont ask for much.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 9th May 2018

I am currently putting the finishing touches to a large volume of new Magix alias works to promote Music Maker Jam mobile application which I made this record with.

"Tapas Mosaic" is the working title. 

Expect glistening pads, woozy synthetic washes, a healthy dollop of barbequed rhythmic hummus and a semi-cheesy drone dip. 

Itll be available on Bandcamp for download.
I'll also be burning a few unique CDrs for Rapture Witney.


RE: Just checking in - StevenGrass - 9th May 2018

I'll definitely check that out, man. Hoping for your great health.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 10th May 2018

My parents went for a long walk yesterday while I and my soulmate shared illustrious dreamtime memories and a salsa fish stick salad sandwich in the retreat
I've had 2 days off moving very much at all and played 8 games of table pool in the villa garden when upwardly mobile, being 7-7 to my carers who used to play lots
I also beat Pokemon Moon's Gladion for the fifth time in cartridge game as my 4th Pokemon League defence
Admiring the surrounding view is champion.
Today we're going to somewhere in Nerja elsewhere than before to have a good time walking around looking for real estate agents and stopping off for lunch.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 10th May 2018

Today was quality. Grin
Mutts choice from Hotel Balcon De Europa main course was similar to the Lan Sang meal from Monday night (we passed it) and i was again amazed at just how compactedly daunting Nerja beachfront is.
Nerja is comprised of 12 beaches in all.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 10th May 2018

There are 4 pics of today's experience on my Instagram.

Instagram is where I archive a lot of non facebook pics.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 10th May 2018

Home truths, static links and solutions

Long ideas rarely get you so far - they normally peter out as soon as semblance enters the scene. 
This is why the previously long idea of moving to Spain took so long to establish.
The ideas start off in a promising madness, a nascent unease, and a nauseous perfume fills the air. It doesn't take much before we're all ensared in the clutch of costume novelty, dodgy rip offs and jewellery salesman. 
The gift is the price. But the price doesn't rule us.

I will never forget the nerves, the non-Parkinsons shaking hands holding hand luggage to go on the Easyjet plane, sitting next to a Frank Warren lookalike, enjoying gourmet Tapas and baguettes and Heineken all flight, me and the crew picking up a Opal ZX Turbo SUV ride for the first two weeks, getting used to being a passenger on the right side of the road. I will cherish the landscape fissures in my brain too through psychokinetic imagery.

Rather images have been less psychedelic, smoky and damaged than on U.K soil. But I know when I go back to an occupied flat block I will settle down. I've been to Ireland Italy Crete Amsterdam Paris Frankfurt Canary Islands and now this...Spain is up there with the best. In my short life I've been a hermit most of the time. Life in all aspects can be experienced by just breathing and closing one's eyes, or laying down in a darkened room.

It is tension and release - one of two things.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 10th May 2018

At the risk of calling this thread "Muttleys short guide to Southern Spain" Grin

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 11th May 2018

The party is heading to Ayo restaurant in the Burriana beachfront today. We'll be foodieing sunbathing playing bat and ball and topping up our tans. 
Tonight is gonna be a good good night w black pudding sausages free range eggs and clean sheets. As well as Pokemon nerdery and us watching MMA.
The atmosphere of frog chorus, friends playing music, synchronizing life and sound, and just enjoying life. Yes that cannot be beaten. I really feel at home.

RE: Just checking in - Statto - 11th May 2018


RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 11th May 2018

My Dad put on David Bowie - Blackstar 30 minutes ago.
How I love thee. Lovesmilie
Made the unresolved tension of the best experiences today dissolve.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 11th May 2018

Cu vi estas bone Statto?
That's are you okay in Esperanto.

A very good restaurant we went to was Miguel's Tapas Bar in Competa the second week. Competa main square.
It's a quite variable area, pontificated by beachfronts, winding countryside lanes, especiale terraces but not as especiale as Nerja. I could get lost in Nerja as much as I do hyperspace. I quite like Archez, although I remember very little.
The general tendency I have found here is that Spain operates in mapped vectors; a fractal of beautified insides - turned outwards on itself. Many areas are very dissimilar to other countries, with the worst culprit being Frigliana, which to me feels like a skeleton trying on new psychedelically coloured clothes every day.
In other words, you'll have heard about the sweetness of the scenery, but it's to play on the area Costa Del Sol, at a cost of soul. Because the feeling is of utter bliss and befuddled gentry into the country, where you visit, like being in an unknown place but more like a trick room.
See what I meant to say? Real ecstacy.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 14th May 2018

It is a hard thing to grasp. Being always happy to do nothing, but never happy to do everything.

I believe the issue is always depression. Ever since 8 years old when I encountered separation anxiety. Seemingly pretending to my parents that nobody was playing with me, but this wasn't reality.

While nothing here troubles me, I have encountered inner torment in Spain because I've really realized there's nothing worth getting stressed Eric over. But far from no purpose, it just means besides the token wankers of the holiday, the holiday has been good. There will always be clashes between different types of people, like Pokemon a fire type doesn't douse a water type.

 Principally, music is my first love, always has been. From banging dnb inne de headphone, to sweet music with the Squatch ladyfriend...its all right. Sunday morning as I write this I am preparing for a flamenco night out with the fam. Not wails and foot tapping, think trad spanish guitar c. John Williams, classical inflections. Competa is meant to be bubbling for that reversion.

One of the not things I'll really remember is the amazing food quality in Nerja beachfront and Frigliana. It's unsurprising real estate agents are dotted all over these towns. Then again Brize Norton where some of my family and friends live has a slew of estate agents and foodie stores too. I won't get into specific history of countries because as a goldfish I'm out of my depth. I'll say high interest abounds.

What happened to cultural idylls? If you want sun sea and sand in your vagina go to Dorset or Camber Sands in England. Or Brighton. Yes Spain is proliferated by thrillseekers, not optimists of solitude. As cycom of SC said about music, you just have to pick the gems. In all my 15 plus kilometres of walking over 3 weeks - a measly amount - I've experienced two hiking experiences I'll never Las Canilas and Frigliana, respectively. All the while, I've relearned to take mindfulness in my stride because it is part of inner luminescence.

Switching people off, of course for introverts like us, is natural. Integration is fluid here. You can choose to try and speak Espanol or none at all - it doesn't matter. What's more, who's to say everyone is Spanish? There are lots of tourists here. Thankfully all the noisy shits fucked up Benidorm instead and there's a thriving sheeple community there. Aka braindead idiots searching for the next big thrill to tick off the "fuck it" list.

This relates to emotionography, although that's a bent term it fits for describing the different pace Spain has. Instead of being stuck inside all day, I want to go out and explore - powered by the never-drab weather. I feel different, too, here because even when you get noisy bastards, I switch them off because Spanish is very much my secondary language. So although they might be yobbish, it's alright because I cannot decipher a word they're saying.

I guess the point of digitally scrawling these five paragraphs is in the doubt and insecurity over my life's future as a single person. Public transport may not be kind to me, but then only insofar as driving isnt at all. Mopeds scare me. And lots of the drivers in Spain are even more careless than the UK. What can one do? Shopping is the issue. I'd either eat cheap out each day or starve worst.

Auxiliaries are like buses planes and pickups as well. Normally they're as accurate as the real thing. There are never real accidents, only mistakes. I'd rather have peace of mind on a bus going 30mph than a car with half a tank petrol at 30mph. Being schizophrenic there's no chance of me wanting to do more than the speed limit. In Nerja outlands even too there is a 10 minute away bus stop. 

Of course, when we get into the subject of tangible intangible and parallel realities, say my carers still being very much alive and mum and dad, there is roughage present psychoanalytically that my old driving abilities are being channelled. So while I'm not behind a wheel and entirely responsible for road rage, i am at least partially enacting the day to day through auxiliaries.

When you have clinically diagnosed schizophrenia, judgement goes out the window. Driving is more unsafe than ever, and I constantly feel broken. How to get around on holiday? Maybe buy a moped. Small, agile things like that are ideal for carrying a day's shopping in the hold. This is all for when my parents may not be around. Indeed, lack of driving ability affects me back home.

After a dream of many motioned caveats, namely the aspect of motion in relation to sonic barriers and safety, my mind has shifted to that very simple conundrum: being able to drive. On holiday it's essential, taxis are mighty expensive, and return on investment is near to unnoticeable for the price. Malaga airport drive was long, stressful, and I wasn't doing much of it - an idle passenger.

RE: Just checking in - Muttley - 15th May 2018

Three random thoughts generated....

Im a misanthrope. 
I hate pretty much everyone. 
I only eat for the crunch factor.

The random thoughts related to frustration is ultimately not motor retardation but a hatred of existence. There is no idea for justifying otherwise. I used to say to myself I'm just totally spiritually disconnected from the world, fed up, paraplegic dissident. Saying i want to do things and then doing the opposite later has the same credence in my life as im not sure.