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Peshay's New Label "Peshay Music" - KeeptheUgroundAlive - 28th October 2018

It's a bit "old news" by now, but threadworthy methinks - Peshay has recently started a new label called "Peshay Music", and here are his initial words regarding that label (posted in August on his FB):

Hello everybody,hope all of you are good. I just wanted to say a few things about my new label "Peshay Music" before it begins shortly. The label will feature all different types of music and will not be just a drum and bass label. I like so many different types of music and can't just release one type. The first Project is the album "DECADES" which contains tracks featuring Drum and Bass,Jazz,Funk,Soul,Electro,Disco,House Music amongst others and also contains vocal tracks too. Anyone that has liked other projects that I have done in the past like for example "Miles From Home" will know that it contained other styles of music apart from Drum and Bass and so it shouldn't come as a surprise to some that the label will feature different styles of music going forward. So basically with this new label from me expect the unexpected!!!! The first 10 releases from the album are currently being mastered now as we speak and so not long to go now until we get this show on the road and Im looking forward to it very much!!! There will be many surprises musically,but everything I release will be 100% what I love and although it might not be for all of you,I just have to do it because its the true sound of Peshay and that is the most important thing for me and shows exactly where I am today as a producer.

Best wishes to you all.