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ATTN Statto 8'' Rettles - firefinga - 15th December 2018

Statto, since you are into 10" records, this might be of interest for you -

I stumbled across those release on discogs - they are listed as 8" vinyl ?!

EDIT: I went to their bandcamp page and the 8" vinyl is already gone...

RE: ATTN Statto 8'' Rettles - Statto - 15th December 2018

nice Smile

Yes, I have two or three 8" singles. As with those MJAZZ records, they're specialist lathe cut. There's a guy in New Zealand who does all these...


RE: ATTN Statto 8'' Rettles - firefinga - 28th December 2018

Not an 8'', but a nice 10'' I stumbled across when browsing discogs:

Decent tracks, one from Outrage who used to post here sporadicaly also.